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JP Speed Mansion

The spirit of Mrs. JP Speed is pleased with the pristine state of her mansion, and doesn’t mind sharing it!

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Causes for paranormal activity include: the presence of slaves, the fatally wounded, spirits attached to artifacts, and people generally connected to this place.

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Pink Palace

Is home to a male protective spirit who saved a life and gives life-saving warnings.

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Southgate House

Spirits who love this place keep an eye on the living; making their opinions known in startling ways.

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Speed Art Museum

Mrs. JP Speed liked to supervise to ensure a perfect outcome, and she still does here… A spirit that is connected to items displayed is not a happy camper!

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Washington Opera House

More than one entity calls The Washington Opera House their afterlife home. The strongest spirit was a dancer who died before a performance.

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Western Kentucky University

The spirit of a soldier became an honorary fraternity brother before the house burned down. He may have moved with the fraternity into their new house…

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