Haunted Theatres

Annie Russell Theatre

A Spirit is still an enthusiastic audience member; During a paranormal investigation, spirits stepped forward to answer questions!

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Atlas Theatre

Two benevolent spirits from the building’s past have made this theatre their home.

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Capitol Plaza Theatre

Former Residents of a torn-down, historic mansion are now enthusiastic patrons in spirit form! The former master is a kind, helpful spirit and gets his chuckles in fun ways.

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Colony Theater

A dedicated spirit still is present and on the job. The spirit of a rambunctious puppy child keeps this spirit company.

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Easton Haunted Theater

A spectral theatre manager became its guardian: with patience and perseverance. During renovations, this spirit again went all out to encourage.

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Egyptian Theater

A once aspiring actor that was burned alive is the slightly resentful long-time spirit who is active.

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