Haunted Forts

Cove Fort

We can speculate as to who may have chosen to stay there in their afterlife, and why…

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Fort Delaware

Past pain and misery, violence, survivor guilt and death are the causes of current paranormal activity.

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Fort Hayes School

Spirits has been seen going about their business… Entities amuse themselves by people watching and startling folks!

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Fort Mackinac

Fort Mackinac is one of the most promising Island locations to experience paranormal activity!

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Fort Pitt

Past soldiers from three different nationalities apparently are haunting the land.

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Fort Pulaski

Restless spirits of some of the poorly treated POWs are still in captivity. A spirit of a Conferderate officer appeared as a solid, life-like figure by an environmental trigger. Both Union and Confederate soldiers in spirit form are still on duty here.

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