Paranormal Videos

Best Of: Bachelor’s Grove

Professional paranormal investigators talk about their experiences while investigating Bachelor’s Grove in Illinois.

Best Of: Brumder Mansion

Ghost hunting professionals talk about their paranormal experiences at the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, WI.

Best Of: Rhode Opera House

Paranormal Investigators share their experiences during investigations at the Rhode Opera House in Kenosha, WI.

Best Of: Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Dale Kaczmarek and other professional paranormal investigators describe their experiences with the paranormal activity at Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Kentucky.

Beyond Ghosts: Equipment

Beyond Ghosts members discuss the various tools and equipment that they use during a ghost hunt.

Beyond Ghosts: Intro

Members of Beyond Ghosts describe the formation of the group, their view of what the paranormal is, and what started their interest in the paranormal.

Beyond Ghosts: Old Fort Niagara

Luke Dipoalo of Beyond Ghosts talks about his experiences with the paranormal while investigating Old Fort Niagara in Lewiston, NY.

Beyond Ghosts: Van Horn Mansion

Beyond Ghosts talks about the importance of ghost hunts as a revenue generator for the upkeep of historical places, using their investigation of the Van Horn Mansion in Newfane, NY as an example.

Brumder Mansion

A full feature length video documenting the investigation of the Brumder Mansion with Chicago Paranormal Investigators and Psychic Dakota Lawrence.

CPD (Paranormal Cops): Intro

The members of the Chicago Paranormal Detectives share about the formation of the group and what their idea of the paranormal is.

CPD: Brumder Mansion

The Paranormal Cops describe their stay at the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, WI.

CPD: Casa Madrid

The Paranormal Cops describe their investigation of Casa Madrid in Melrose Park, IL.

CPD: Frankfort Firehouse

The Paranormal Cops describe an experience with the paranormal while investigating a firehouse in Frankfort, IL.

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