Paranormal Videos

Paranormal Inc.: D.I.C.E.

Rich Newman explains his DICE (“Detect, Interact, Capture, Escalate”) method of ghost hunting.

Paranormal Inc.: Equipment

Rich Newman talks about the various ghost hunting equipment and some of the controversy surrounding its use.

Paranormal Inc.: Magnolia Manor

Rich Newman talks about his experiences while investigating Magnolia Manor in Boliver, TN. He also lets us listen to a recording of an EVP he captured while there.

Paranormal Inc.: Octagon Hall

Rich Newman talks about why Octagon Hall in Kentucky is a great place to investigate and relates some of its history that has led to its hauntings.

WPI: Paranormal Technical Aspects

WPI explains how they control an investigation and use their equipment to be sure that the phenomenon that they are recording is indeed evidence of a haunting and not explainable outside influences.

WPI: Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory with Jay

Jay Bachochin talks about touring the Mansfield Ohio Jail (Ohio State Reformatory) and gives some of the history of the building. He also mentions the importance of remaining skeptical while investigating haunted buildings.

WPI: Old St. Patrick’s Cemetery

WPI investigates Old St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Wisconsin and shares some of their findings as well as some of the challenges of running investigations.

WPI: Interview with a Tech Manager

WPI’s tech manager, Allen, explains the duties of a tech manager and what goes into double checking the validity of the evidence gathered in a paranormal investigation.

KPG: Rhode Opera House

Candice Shatkins briefly discusses the story of the Rhode Opera House in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

KPG: Kemper Hall

Candice Shatkins describes Kemper Hall in Wisconsin and some of her experiences there.

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