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Abraham Curry House

The spirit of Abraham Curry still has family concerns, yearns to still be a mover and shaker, and for his dream home.

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Bliss Mansion

Former owner is still enjoying his showcase home, and getting his chuckles in various ways.

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Crooked House

A friendly former owner still is a socially active hostess with her old spectral friends

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Levy House

A tragic accident resulted in two restless spirits; an active youngster and a guilt-ridden male. Two other young victims of disease also reside here.

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Mackay Mansion

The living have spectral company: A former lady of the house, a young victim of disease, a military man and a super conscientious female spirit.

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Mob Museum

Spirits that stay here are all the unhappy, convicted mobsters and their underlings who heard their fate in this court house.

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Old Washoe Club

Several spirits of former Gentleman Club members still try to enjoy their space… The spirit of a murdered female and her remorseful killer are stuck here. The entity of a murdered thirteen year old calls this place home.

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