Thomas J Edwards House

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A female entity makes a dandy housekeeper and takes her duties to heart.



edwards-paranormalThe 1883 Thomas J. Edwards House is a solidly-built, two story, unusually multicolored, brown, rose and white sandstone Victorian home, with lovely green and white wood trim, and two Victorian chimneys. The front part of the home is rectangular, with a square, tower-like sectioned bay window right in the middle, on both floors. There is an addition on the back of the house. A small, well-done front porch overlooks the lovely front yard, which is a glorious sea of flowers and lovely landscaping.

Thomas J. Edwards served as sheriff and county clerk, and later as an U.S. Commissioner and clerk to the U.S. District Court. The scandal associated with this lovely home was that it was built by state prisoners, which was considered very improper indeed! While many of the buildings and homes in Carson City were built with sandstone quarried by prisoners incarcerated at Nevada State Prison, prisoners did more than cut the stone for this house. It seems that they actually did the construction for very little pay.

Currently owned by Clayton F. Robinson, it is now used for the offices of 4 different small companies, and perhaps for other tenants as well in the newer section of the home in the back. Turnispeed Engineering, Accounting Solutions, LLC, New Foundations For Dyslexia, and F.T. Appraisals, LLC. Perhaps Clayton Robinson also lives there, as the mansion is certainly big enough!



Who has been haunting the downstairs area, for many years?

There are three female candidates to choose from:

1.Most likely: Some think it is the the spirit of Mrs. Maria Anderson, who was the Edward’s family housekeeper, and nanny to the Edwards children in the late 1800s. Her favorite piece of furniture in the mansion was the piano which was shipped around the Cape to Carson City. She enjoyed the view from the bay windows.

2.Some think it is the spirit of a Paiute Indian maid who worked for the Edward’s family at some point.

3.Some think it is the spirit of Viola Edwards, leading dame of the Edwards Family, who isn’t ready to leave the home she loves just yet, and wishes to be helpful to the living.



Unknown Entity

A female entity takes her duties seriously, and does light housekeeping at night when the house is quiet, a practice which has occurred throughout the years.

She always dusts the piano, has been known to fold the clean clothes in the laundry area, and will pick up and organize any untidy areas, which must keep the living on their toes!

This entity enjoys sitting by the house’s bay windows, as her apparition has been seen there by several witnesses, looking out the windows, having a good time.


It appears to be! These manifestations have had a long history, and have been witnessed by many people. This benign, gentle and helpful entity gets along well with the living, who accept her as being part of their offices/Edwards House.



204 North Minnesota Street
Carson City, NV 89703

The Edwards House can be found at the corner of W. Musser Street and North Minnesota Street, in what was/is the well-to-do neighborhood of Carson City on the west side, not far from the Governor’s Mansion and The Bliss Mansion.


Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr


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