Virginia City Cemetery

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Many things killed people here; suddenly taking lives away, causing restless spirits.

This cemetery is a hot spot, popular with spirits; chilling
around their graves or perhaps visiting others.


The Virginia City Cemetery is actually several cemeteries located together in this area. Every social group in Virginia City society had their own place to bury their loved ones, along “ethnic, religious, professional and fraternal lines.” There is a Catholic Cemetery, a Mason Cemetery, a Firemen’s Cemetery, and a Protestant area, to name some of these divisions. A variety of graves can be seen here, from the simple to the grand.

There are acres of graves, that once were beautifully decorated with gardens back in the late 1800s. A variety of graves can be seen here, from the simple to the grand. People from all economic groups were laid to rest here, though some aren’t at rest, but restless.




Life was hard in this mining town. Many things killed people, besides old age. Mining accidents, disease, childbirth, fires, dumb accidents, gun shot killings, and other forms of murder suddenly took lives away, which can cause restless spirits.



A lot of women didn’t live past 30; many died in childbirth, and/or from disease.

Julia Bullette, a famous Virginia City prostitute, is supposedly buried in this graveyard. Many think that her remains aren’t really there, because of what is seen coming up from her grave

A thin, young woman apparition, definitely not Julia, has been seen rising up, who is wearing a brown, bustled dress, with a dark velvet collar. A ghost of a young child is also seen playing at her feet. As Julia had no children, she probably isn’t in her marked grave

The entity of a young girl has been seen standing in front of some graves.

Unknown Male Entity:

Southwest Ghost Hunter Society captured the apparition of a man wearing a coat, tie and hat near some graves, after a storm had passed by.

A gravestone seems to glow from a distance, but darkens when people come near, making it difficult to find.

The gravestone of a deceased male seems to move by itself. This has also been seen at Mount Holly Cemetery in Arkansas.


Yes indeed! Both personal experiences of visitors/townspeople and hard evidence point to the fact that some spirits are indeed restless here.




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The Virginia City Cemeteries can be found on a hill located at the north end of Virginia City, just off of Hwy 341, just across from the old Mexican Mine.


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