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The spirit of a dedicated Masonic maintenance officer continues to fulfill his duties.





This huge, two story, solid looking, large rectangular brick building was built in 1874 by the Carson Brewing Company, which produced Tahoe Beer. This company’s sign, along with the group of 1874 employees, is painted on the left side of the building, which sits on South Division Street.

When the Carson Brewing Company moved out, various community groups used the building for a variety of meetings and events for years; as this building was handsome as well on the inside. One can see why. Inside, the decor is elegantly Victorian, with beautiful woodwork and hardwood floors, high ceilings throughout the building.

On one of the floors, a large room space was transformed into a ballroom, decorated with tin panels on the ceiling, wainscoted walls with lighting sconces, and red velour window treatments. It was rented out to various groups throughout the years. The local Masonic Lodge met in this building for many years, probably in now what is known now as “The 1864 ballroom.”

It is no surprise then, that this building has been transformed again, to meet the needs of the musical, visual and theatrical arts community. In the early 1990s The Brewery building was bought by the Carson City Arts Alliance. It is now the “center of cultural life in Carson City, offering performance venues and educational opportunities.” This glorious old building is the central headquarters of the Brewery Arts Center community, where one finds the offices of The Brewery Arts Center, The Artisans’ Store, The Muffy Greil-Vhay Pottery Studio, Painting Studios, the Donald W. Reynolds Black Box Theater, The 1864 Ballroom, and visual arts classes, also held in the Brewery Arts Center building. Theatre opportunities for kids and youth are offered as well: BAC Stage Kids.

As with many older buildings, it is also put to work to earn its upkeep. People can still rent out spaces in this grand old building.

The 1864 Restored Ballroom — Now has a commercial kitchen, and can be rented out for parties, wedding receptions, business meetings, lectures and other gatherings. (100 banquet seating; 150 theater style seating.)

Donald W. Reynolds Back Box Theater (120 repositionable seats) — Because of its flexibility and modern systems, it is used for many types of events and public performances: “Theater productions, presentations, lectures, concerts, town hall style meetings, and other public presentations.”

A larger concert hall is available for rental as well, located in the former old church building right next door.


A former officer of the Mason organization mentioned above, who for many years was in charge of building maintenance, and cost control for the Masons, was activated when the building changed hands and became the property of the Brewery Arts Center, who did restoration and renovation work on the building.

Change and renewal often stirs things up with resident spirits. It is thought that this entity is James P. Maar, who is still on the job, volunteering his services as a spectral cost control/security guardian in his afterlife.



This gentle, helpful entity

Described as a polite, calmly-speaking gentleman, has appeared on occasion to witnesses as a well-dressed man, wearing a brown-checked suit, complete with a vest and yellow tie.

Various visitors in the building have felt a strong presence watching them, keeping an eye on their activities.

The living have also heard unexplainable noises.

Staff and workers in the building have been gently reminded by a disembodied voice to be sure to turn off the lights, and lock the doors when leaving.

This same disembodied voice also makes suggestions in an effort to help, from time to time.


Yes indeed. Many people have witnessed to the fact that this entity is still fulfilling his duties which he took to heart in his lifetime, and continues to do so today, being a guardian spirit of this building.



449 West King Street
Carson City, NV 89703

The Brewery Arts Center is about 4 blocks from the 395 Fwy, on a one way street, W. King Street.

Cross Streets are S. Minnesota Street and S. Division Street. Take the 395 to W. Musser Street. Go west on W. Musser Street, turn left on N. Division Street. Go 1 block, cross West King, and The Brewery Arts Center is there on the right, on the corner of West King Street and South Division Street.



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