Crooked House

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A friendly former owner still is a socially active hostess with her old spectral friends.




This charming, peaceful, two story, wood slat Victorian was built during the booming days of Virginia City, as a private residence, sometime between 1860 and 1880. Its close proximity to the main street probably meant that it was built as a private residence for one of the business owners.

The house has the long, rectangular Victorian windows, a fine front porch and a verandah just above it, which offered a wonderful view and place to relax for the occupants of the master bedroom on the second floor. This comfortable, peaceful bed and breakfast offers 4 rooms to rent to guests, who can come back from a day of visiting all the sights of Virginia City, and relax in an old-fashioned claw tub.

This house was completely restored and renovated in 1995, and is in superb shape. It has many antiques, and its atmosphere is welcoming.



Former owners who loved their home while alive, often choose to visit or spend their time in their earthly home, reliving the good times.



“The Woman In Red”

Town legend says that this apparition is a former saloon keeper, a happy, kind, welcoming spirit. This Woman In Red usually likes to rock in the attic’s rocking chair, but also likes to be sociable with both the living and her old friends. Usually at twilight, she has been spotted, standing on the house’s second floor verandah, and will happily wave at anyone passing by.

Entities of Male Visitors

She also appears to invite her old mining friends over, as people have seen “hazy forms of miners” socializing with her on the verandah.


Unknown. No new evidence has been gathered.

I couldn’t find any hard evidence to back up eye witness accounts eye witnesses in the past have reported seeing her and her spectral guests.



8 South F Street
Virginia City, NV 89440
(775) 847-4447

The Crooked House Bed and Breakfast can be found on South F Street, just three blocks south from the main street C, within walking distance of the shops and saloons. It is on the corner of Taylor and South F Street. Taylor Street intersects the main streets of town.


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