Haunted Locations in

New York

Morris Jumel Mansion

At least 5 spirits have resided here on the upper floors.
All have strong connections and compelling reasons for residing here.

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Poughkeepsie Church

Dedication to the Lord has been the cause of activity. Changes can draw a spirit or spirits back to protest.
A loyal parishioner doesn’t let the fact that she is dead stop her. Restless Spirits from disrespected graves can make the best of it, or be annoyed.

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Poughkeepsie College

Uh oh! This former TB hospital had many patients die here… It is no wonder that paranormal activity has been experienced.

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Chateau at Coindre Hall

Restoration and renovation activated a variety of spirits. Life events, great memories & a strong work ethic have all caused activity.

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Montauk Manor

A spirit used his restlessness for good; others became angry and tried to start trouble!

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The Pine Bush House

Has a variety of active spirits that lived here; some watching, some naughty, some demanding & some mentally ill.

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Raynham Hall Museum

Hauntings here include from the Revolutionary War & Victorian eras; Spirits stay for the enjoyment of work and love of home.

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