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Renovation and reconstruction activated spirits for different reasons.

Spirits include: One very affable and and one very negative.

Spirits from the 19th and earlier 20th century love to visit.



Katie’s of Smithtown has great curb appeal as the outside of the building has fine gray stucco walls with shudders on the windows. It shines amongst the older buildings that are beside it on W Main Street.

Tom and I came to see this place on one of our road trips in the summer, but it was closed. It has big front windows and we peeked inside. The fans were spinning and the lights were on. Hmmm. Either spirit people were having fun, or a staff member or owner Brian were preparing for the evening’s activities.

Katie’s of Smithtown has been described as “a classic tavern with a patio and bar bites.” Other patrons like its cozy atmosphere, well-stocked liquor, beer and wine selections, the live music, and dance floor in the basement, its interesting decor that reflects its past and various activities offered such as karaoke night, game night. It’s aura attracts everyday folks and is a great place to hang with friends.

Like many owners in past years, the structure has been remodeled and renovated by the current owner, Brian Karppinen. Katie’s of Smithtown is a real labor of love by Brian who bought it in 2000. He has put everything into this place and it shows. The inside is a blend of history and modern etc., such as classy bar areas and some of its restored, authentic decor.

Recently, the patio has been renovated, making another space for events. There is a brand new food truck. Brian Karppinen does his best to make sure all his patrons are well taken care of, and have a good time at his Katie’s of Smithtown.

Many places of entertainment these days have more than one area for entertainment. (The Comedy Store * The Rave/Eagle’s Club * Crystal Ballroom). At Katie’s of Smithtown, there are two areas designated as music venues offering two stages for musical/ entertaining acts on both floors.

The renovated basement area has a big space for dancing and of course a well-stocked bar. The main floor has a smaller stage area and tables to eat and drink at while listening to the live music. A large bar also is available.

A high quality food truck provides great bar food, as the structure doesn’t have its own kitchen. Being close to the rail station also offers an opportunity to serve snacks and drinks to travelers.



Entrepreneurs saw the possibility of this property as becoming a commercial money maker because of its location in Smithtown, being near the North Shore. It is located in the heart of Smithtown, very near the bay and recreational activities.

The two story Trainor Hotel was the first structure to be built on this land to take care of travelers and visitors during the early years of Smithtown and Long Island; probably late 19th century or early 1900s’. The Long Island Railroad made a stop in Smithtown, near the hotel.

Disaster struck when the Trainor Hotel burned to the ground in December of 1909. A few people may have died in the fire.

A smaller version of the Katie’s of Smithtown building was constructed on the old foundation of the Trainor Hotel. It serviced people riding the railroad at first. It was expanded to become a bar as well. In the 1920s, a candy shop was built on this same property.

When Prohibition was the law, the serving of alcohol of course continued on for the patrons of this restaurant/bar. It could’ve served meals and soda pop in one part of the building, and the hard stuff in a room out of the way.

(Shanley Hotel * Rookwood Speakeasy * Pete’s Tavern)

Throughout the eras, owners of this one story building renovated and remodeled it to meet the needs of both its local patrons and tourists. In 1978, Katie’s basement that was built on the foundation of the burned down hotel was dug out and finished to make a nice 2nd space for another area in which to make money.

The current owner, Brian Karppinen, who bought Katie’s in 2000, put a boatload of money into remodeling, improving the structure; inside and out, to draw people in for all that Katie’s of Smithtown has to offer in the way of entertainment.

Several spirit people love the new improvements made over the years, and one sour, annoyed spirit does not. It is a negative entity, wishing to find a way to chase the living out.




People who loose their lives in fires sometimes are bonded to the land and will come back and reside in any building that is rebuilt on the original piece of property, sometimes trying to continue on in their beloved job or occupation.

Several spirits that visit or stay may have been killed in the fire that burned down the hotel.

These spirits may not always be in a great humor. They can mourn the loss of their own life. Perhaps they blame someone for their death and show this anger or their restlessness on the living;especially if the living are not acting properly in their opinion.

It is thought that the cranky, annoyed and out of sorts black shadow that roams the structure was a person that was trapped in the Trainor Hotel fire, who may be a tea-totaler. (Benson Hotel).

He or she may yearn for the original hotel and hates that a bar now exists here. People think that this spirit does its best to discourage success. Owners since 1980 have had a hard time financially running a bar business in this structure, until a way was presented to control it.

Renovation and reconstruction of a structure can activate spirits who had an attachment to the land or building.

In 1978, the original dirt basement that was built on the foundation of the hotel, was dug out and finished, adding another floor to the bar. This improvement which may have drawn back spirits attached to the hotel. This may have also activated the then dormant negative spirit. Just two years after the basement room was created, bad luck seemed to thwart financial growth.

People who believe that they are about to loose everything they care about, sometimes turn to suicide to try to escape the pain they are feeling and avoid the coming consequences. As they still don’t have relief, or are afraid to go to the other side, they stick around their favorite building where they did the deed.

Carl “Charlie” Klein was part owner of the hotel that burned down in 1909, but started over by building a service station for train riders, that grew into a regular bar as well. He owned the bar/ eatery/ speak easy that existed here during the 1920s. He was the bartender, and was responsible in getting his favorite alcoholic beverage; beer, and other joy juice from mob contacts who sold the beer, wine, etc.

He became an informant to the FBI who knew of his speakeasy; probably in exchange for not being arrested. Carl gave the FBI names of mobsters who posed as G-men, and many were arrested; a dangerous thing to do.

Ironically, Charlie wasn’t murdered by the mob; the fate of many informers. He was arrested at the very end of Prohibition by an IRS agent when the agent asked for an alcoholic drink. Charlie felt he was safe from arrest because he helped the FBI. Not able to face the coming jail term, loss of his business and being torn away from his family, Charlie killed himself.

People who loved the business that they worked so hard at and enjoyed, sometimes like to visit or reside in this favorite structure to enjoy the new owners’ efforts, improvements and success; the next best thing to owning the place once again.

It must be a comfort and very gratifying for the spirit of Charlie Klein to see his old bar so much improved inside and outside; with two floors, improved patio area, two well-stocked bars and so many people enjoying themselves; something he didn’t get to see while he owned the place.



Spirit of Charlie Klein

Is an affable presence who visits a lot whom Katie’s staff, patrons and the owner are fond of.

Being in favor of beer, it was thought that he alone was responsible for the flying wine glasses, etc.

He may of been the one who saved the current owner, Brian, from falling backward down the stairs after the bar of a side door he was trying to shut, broke off.

Charlie likes to go behind the bar as well, reminiscing about all the good times he had there as well.

His favorite place to stay was the stairway leading down to the basement room.

Spirit of the cranky, angry black massed entity

Became active in a foul mood after the basement was dug out and finished in 1978-1980.

This entity created a heavy, negative aura, especially in the basement area. He did his or her best to make the business not profitable.

His or her black mass / shadow has been seen going up and down the stairs that lead to the basement room.

He or she too likes to smash glasses, in a more menacing way; sometimes trying to scare the staff. Two female bartenders were shocked when a wine glass came flying between them, smashing on the floor.

He or she appears as a shadow person that comes up from the basement area on the staircase.

Female and male entities

Described as being benign spirits.

Wearing 19th and earlier 20th century clothing, they like to walk through the bars, enjoying both floors.

One female entity is seen going up and down the stairs that connect the basement with the main floor.

Voices of women and children have recently been heard by the owner Brian and his staff.


Yes indeed, though the control of the spirits has been lessened with regular blessings. Charlie is no longer a permanent resident, but still visits a lot. The blessings control the activity of the negative entity. Other new spirits have recently come to visit, perhaps because the negative one is under control.

Staff, owners and patrons have long had paranormal experiences in this building.

Several well-known paranormal groups have done investigations and caught hard evidence in spades. Owner Brian has captured on film the flying wine glasses, and other tom foolery behind the bar.

Paranormal State episode S01E09; “Beer, Wine and Spirits”, made contact with Charlie and perhaps the darker entity that they didn’t realize was there. They tried to loosen the hold of the spirits in this place, and were the ones who started Bob on the practice of blessing his building.

Bryan continued to have his business blessed regularly which has kept the negative presence away. Financial success returned. When Bob wasn’t able to keep up the routine blessing for a short time, the black shadow returned and the general paranormal activity increased.



145 West Main Street,
Smithtown, Long Island, NY

Katie’s of Smithtown is located in the heart of downtown Smithtown, not far from the North Shore.


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