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Has a variety of active spirits that lived here; some
watching, some naughty, some demanding & some mentally ill.


Pine Bush House, that was a bed and breakfast until recently, is a restored 1904 Victorian, stately home with three stories and basement/basement apartment.

Current owner, Barbara and husband Mark created five, well done, “high-class joint” guest rooms: The Cabernet, The Champagne Suite, The Zinfandel Suite, The Chardonnay Suite, and the third floor Vineyard Retreat Suite that takes up the whole third floor. Common areas are beautiful and peaceful, encouraging people to relax.

“The main floor is decorated with period furniture and antiques, the 4 bedrooms and 1 large, two room suite offer old world charm with modern conveniences. Antique stained glass windows, cozy fireplaces in the living room and separate library, a sun-drenched dining room and wrap-around porch. All rooms have a private bath, A/C, cable t.v., and wireless internet connection.”

While the owners no longer have living guests, they still have their spirit people who do enjoy the fine rooms and the wonderful condition this grand home is now in, thanks to the current owners.



The Pine Bush House was built in 1904 for a wealthy surveyor, Archibald Taylor and his family. Taylor was also a lumber and real estate businessman. Taylor was the mover and shaker when it came to growing the town of Pine Bush. As the Taylor extended family owned a large amount of the town’s land properties, he and his siblings did their best to develop housing and businesses for the town of Pine Bush.


Throughout the eras, various owners added onto the original home to make the structure work for their needs.

In 1980, Pine Bush House became a Senior Residence Facility. Residents that had money stayed in the house’s rooms, while others lived in the small rooms located in the two story addition built behind Pine Bush House. This Senior Residence Facility was open here for twenty-five years.

In 2005, Barbara and her husband Mark bought the property and began the process of restoring this grand old lady to her former glory. It wasn’t long before they began to hear and see odd occurrences the average homeowner doesn’t see everyday. These experiences told them that they were not the only ones staying here.



Restorations and renovations of a structure can activate spirits who are attached to the structure. Sometimes spirits attach themselves to favorite items they owned or used while alive, even traveling with their favorite item.

When people have mental issues while alive, they sometimes are confused after they die and don’t know to go to the other side.

Some of the former residents of this Senior Resident House became mentally unstable and perhaps should’ve been sent to a nursing home. But the owner loved them so much that she was willing to care for them at Pine Bush House.

Sometimes when people die, they choose to stay in or visit their comfortable space in this world, not willing to give up their perks

Some of the former residents and employees continue to enjoy the beautiful home.

Sometimes if people were mistreated emotionally or physically before they pass, they can’t let go of their pain of their experience and are stuck in the space where they died.

Some of the caregivers hired were not nice and abused the residents. it is thought that some locked residents in a closet or bathrooms to keep control of ornery or mentally ill residents. Others were neglected.

When children die, they sometimes stay in this world in the place they considered safe, familiar and warm, and continue to be themselves. Some children of former owners of the Pine Bush House in days past died of illness or from accidents, and get their chuckles at the expense of the living, exhibiting behavior that is considered naughty.


The staff, guests and owners hear footsteps in the hallways and going up and down the stairs, and laughing conversation in places where there is no one living.

While in the dining room, two staffers heard something knock on the floor of the bed room directly above the dining room. They asked questions, and the spirit answered through its knocks.

Male Entity of a piano playing musician

He likes to stay with the piano in the common area, as he played this piano when he was alive and is attached to it.

Entity of an Elderly Man

He enjoys sitting on the front porch that wraps around the house.

Female Entity of a Former Nanny from years past

Loves to stay in her old room where she always found peace from her job that she disliked.

Entity of a Confused Man

He still sits in his small room, wondering why he is there.

A Male Entity and his Wife

Like to stay on the third floor.

This couple are benign in nature but like to let the living know that they are sharing the space with at least two spirits.

If people get scared, they are amused, though they don’t intentionally try to scare people unless they are repairmen doing a lousy job; an incident that was reported in Linda Zimmerman’s book in more detail; Ghost Investigator Volume 12.

Entities of Children

They like to move objects and take remotes and cell phones.

They put the remotes and cell phones upside down under the beds.

They like to play with the lights.

Other Entities have appeared in front of guests, staff to just let them know that they are there.

The owners, staff and guests have had many paranormal experiences; some of which are not mentioned in this story for

To find out about the specifics, sign up for The Pine Bush House Ghost tour and /or buy paranormal investigator Linda Zimmerman’s Book, Ghost Investigator Volume 12, a great read that can be bought on Kindle and IBOOK as well.



A big Yes Indeed! Both psychic and scientific investigations conclude that spirit people are staying and visiting the Pine Bush House.

The owners, staff, guests and workmen have all reported their personal experiences since Barbara and Mark bought this property and fixed it up.

In Linda Zimmerman’s Book mentioned below, she has caught some hard evidence that directly points to spirit people.

Psychic medium Barb Roth has led many ghost tours at The Pine Bush House, and also did a psychic investigation, working as a team with Linda. Barb Roth has talked to many of the spirits here and has found out their stories as to who they are, and why they love The Pine Bush House.



The Pine Bush House
215 Maple Avenue,
Pine Bush, NY 12566

The Pine Bush House is located on Maple Avenue, near the corner of Depot and Maple Avenue. Maple Avenue crosses Main Street in Pine Bush. Going northwest on Main street, turn right onto Maple Avenue.


  • Ghost Investigator Volume 12, by Linda Zimmerman, Smashwords, 2014.

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