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The Alamo

Massacres usually cause hauntings of those slaughtered. Various spirits doing a variety of things create an ample paranormal sports package, keeping all on their toes.

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The Alamodome

Many spirits are wandering around who find comfort, enjoyment and chuckles in this building.

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The Menger Hotel

Is the after-life home of many spirits who were war casualties and satisfied former guests from years ago. A spectral employee is a loyal worker despite being murdered.

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“Let the good times roll” is the focus of the spirits who still stay!

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USS Lexington

Saw a lot of hot action in 4 major WW2 battles, suffering many dead. Many spirits are still on duty; sometimes helping and interacting.

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Catfish Plantation

The Catfish Plantation has long been haunted by former residents of varying personalities that startle the living.

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