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Massacres usually cause hauntings of those slaughtered. Various spirits doing a variety of things create an ample paranormal sports package, keeping all on their toes.

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Many spirits are wandering around who find comfort, enjoyment and chuckles in this building.

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Bishop’s Palace

We love it here. Let’s carefully supervise. Its hard to completely relax.

Anxiety and a spirit’s attachment to a personal item stops complete peace.

I am grateful.

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Catfish Plantation

The Catfish Plantation has long been haunted by former residents of varying personalities that startle the living.

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Char Bar & The Duke of Hollywood Tailors

It is suspected that spirits of former family members like to encourage living relatives as they make good use of all the space; running the tailor and suit shop, while offering a stiff drink and a marvelous view as well.

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De Soto Hotel

At least three spirits are permanent residents, not caring that is currently unusable for living people.

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El Paso Cemetery

Though this desert-style resting place for 60,000 souls looks peaceful, this place is alive with restless spectral activity.

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Emily Morgan Hotel

The structure’s past use as a hospital has resulted in it becoming one of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

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Esquire Tavern

Let the good times continue to roll in our favorite watering hole!
But, be sure to watch your back!

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