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Very different spirits have made The Alamo Street
Restaurant and Theater their after-life home.



Alamo-theatre-paranormalThis classy, beautiful former church building, now a FRANK Restaurant and a multi-source entertainment venue is a glorious, stone block and brick structure on the outside, well built to last for decades. The stain-glass church windows have wowed not only the parishioners of the original Methodist Church, but all the owners of this property who made a living here running some sort of commercial endeavor. Patrons from all the businesses also love them, so they are still on display in their original places, radiating beauty.

Both the original first floor and the basement old Sunday School rooms and probably a fellowship hall have been easily transformed into spaces for food and fun, for three different commercial efforts since 1972.




This brick building with its glorious architecture started its service as the Alamo Methodist Church in 1912. The Alamo Methodist Church served the community for 56 years, closing in 1968. As no one wanted to buy this property, it was abandoned and vacant; becoming a place of shelter for San Antonio’s homeless who respected the building.

In 1976, Bill Larsen and his wife fell in love with the building’s beautiful architecture and solid structural bones;seeing its commercial possibilities. They bought the property and got to work, putting their dreams for this building on the right track. The lower floor Sunday school rooms were transformed into a restaurant and the Green Room Dinner Theater.

The main floor of the original church was transformed into a performance theatre, made complete with a stage, and sound equipment. The lovely, original European Tiffany-style stained glass windows and pressed tin ceiling added a lot of class and culture, much appreciated by the patrons of this theater; The Alamo Street Theater.

A while later, it was decided to show films in the lower “Green Room Dinner Theater. ” They showcased original films (mysteries, dramas or comedies) as “entertainment for patrons while they enjoyed their buffet dinner.”The upper theater in the main church former sanctuary became a non-profit theatre and offered traditional play productions,” showcasing local thespian talent.

The next commercial business that moved into this unique structure was Casbeers at the Church (aka San Antone Cafe and Concerts), staying in business until May of 2011 when they too closed. This beautiful building sat forlornly on its property, protected by a fence around its perimeter; including locked gates, on the corner of South Alamo and Wickes Street. This security kept people and scavengers out, and preserved this property for the next business.

More than three years later, another eatery bought the property and moved in to try their luck at making enough money to stay open. The gourmet hotdog restaurant, entitled, FRANK opened up with a new business plan on Friday, March 4, 2016. The citizenry of San Antonio and surrounding communities were treated to FRANK’s delicious brand of gourmet hot dogs, and of course entertainment as well. Besides the delicious hot dogs, folks can drink in the FRANK bar, enjoy the live music, and/or see a movie as well.



Many of the buildings along the San Antonio River Walk are known to be haunted. This historic Alamo Street building is one that definitely is the home of a variety of spirits.

Spirits often become active when a building is renovated, especially if it is changed into a place of interest. Spirits of an actress, a former Methodist founding church member, and a maid, who either love the activity that makes place in the theater or the building itself have made this beautiful building their home.

Spirits can attach themselves to items in this world.

A wheel chair brought in as a stage prop had a spirit attached to it.

People who care deeply and worked hard to keep their beloved business or activity going in a favorite building meaningful to them, tend to stick around in spirit form to keep an eye on the living.



Female spirit of Margaret Gething

She was an actress who lived in the King William Historic District, and died the year before the Larsens bought the building Described as a gentle soul who wears a long flowing dress, and while alive was an actress by trade.

She loves to watch rehearsals and performances from the balcony.and has spoken to the living.

When the theater is busy with rehearsals, her ghostly activity increases. She has spoken to people in the theater. She likes to go up and down the staircase.

The living have seen her but she isn’t frightening. The scent of rosewater lets the living know that Miss Margaret is there. Miss Margaret had a low tolerance for those with poor theater etiquette, and is willing to do the job of an attendant.

She had been known to shush chatty, rude audience members.

Spirit of a boy, Eddie

Eddie is no longer sickly, and acts like a healthy young boy.

Eddie adores banging around in the kitchen, playing pranks, moving objects, turning lights on and off, and running up and down the aisles of the theaters.

A picture of Margaret Gething hangs in the building under glass. Eddie added his image to the picture after it was hung on the wall.

Spirit of a gentleman

He is dressed in turn-of-the-century church clothing.

This well-dressed gentleman has been seen in the sanctuary theater, keeping a friendly eye on the living.

Spirit of Henrietta

Who was Margaret Gething’s servant and seamstress, and followed the spirit of Miss Margaret into this building.

Henrietta was drawn to the costumes racks, and likes to move the costumes around.


san-antonioYes indeed, with Happy spirits who very much enjoy their afterlife here.

Many people have had personal experiences since the building changed from an empty church to a commercial property.

Paranormal investigators and other people have caught a lot of undeniable paranormal activity.



Alamo Street Theater and Restaurant Building (Now a FRANK Restaurant)
1150 South Alamo Street
San Antonio, Texas 78210
(210) 271-7791

The Alamo Methodist Church /The Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater/ and now the FRANK RESTAURANT building is located in the King William Historic District, among the lovely mansions and cottages built by German immigrants who helped to establish San Antonio. It sits proudly on the corner of South Alamo and Wickes Street.


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