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A murder with the motive of greed has caused an angry victim, who cannot rest.


Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse is a high-end restaurant, offering the best in steak and seafood. They have the awards to prove the quality of their food! There is nothing but prime beef, and the best of seafood on the menu. They have several private banquet halls, of varying sizes, for both small and large special events.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse building was originally built in 1890, and was the location of a bathhouse, probably for the upper-class. At some point, it was restored to its former glory. The massive ceilings, lovely woodwork and Grecian columns are definitely turn-of-the-century fancy decor, offering a lovely atmosphere for relaxation and social functions, which works as well for a high-end steak house.



The 1890 bathhouse was a place for the well-to-do, upper-class, to wash the dust out of their hair and bodies from the long trip on horseback, stage and train travel. Naturally, for easy access for its main clientele, it was located in the historical section of town, near the stockyards and business center.

This area developed a notorious reputation, earning the telling nick name of “Hell’s Half Acre,” sin city of the 19th/early 20th century. This part of town became rather rowdy, because of the kind of people who frequented the many saloons, gambling joints and of course, brothels full of alluring women, which stuck around through the 1950s.

Today, this part of town has been cleaned up for a number of years, and is again attracting tourists and business people, as well as Fort Worth and Dallas citizens, looking for nice places to shop and enjoy a good meal. It is no wonder that a classy restaurant like Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse would choose this location and this lovely building with old class charm of the turn-of-the-century, combined with modern features of a 21st century upscale restaurant.



Although Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse is a fine, upscale dining restaurant, an incident which happened in its past has caused a haunting to occur.

The entity who haunts this building is traced back to the bathhouse days. Unfortunately, a cowardly murder took place here.

What might have happened is that the murdered gentleman may have won a big pot of money at the card or gambling tables nearby. Perhaps a sorry sport, or a robber, followed him inside. After finding this gentleman’s tub, this murderer shot the gentleman in the back of the head, while the gentleman was enjoying his bath.

Murders over winnings from gambling have taken place over the years, and we have two stories on our site:

Saint James Hotel — A gambler was murdered over his winnings before he could spend it. The entity is still there, still mad.

The Bullock Hotel — Wild Bill Hickock was shot dead by a man whose clock he had cleaned at the poker tables.

The gentleman in this case died in the bathhouse. His sudden death at the hands of this black-hearted person has made this victim restless and not a happy camper. He seeks revenge for his untimely murder, perhaps taking a little comfort in the beautifully restored building.



Spirit of Angry Murder Victim

This entity of a gentleman makes his presence known in the banquet halls, and the upstairs bar.

He has appeared to the living wearing 1890s/turn-of-the-century gentleman’s attire.

He patrols the banquet halls and upstairs bar, perhaps looking for his cowardly killer.

Perhaps a cool breeze is felt as he passes the living, or his footsteps may be heard.


Probably so!

There are a lot of eye witness accounts. Often, when life is brutally taken from people, their spirits are restless for a variety of reasons. (See related posts: Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre- Il * O’Henry’s Roadhouse IL* Saint James Hotel NM* Gettysburg Battlefield PA * Myrtles Plantation House LA)

This gentleman entity can’t let go of his anger enough to go to the other side. He was forced to give up the life he had made for himself because of this coward who shot him in the back of the head.




812 Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
(817) 877-3999

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse can be found on the corner of Main St. and East 7th, not far from The Martin Luther King Jr. Highway. Take 6th to Main Street.



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