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A dedicated spirit still is present and on the job.

A spirit of a rambunctious puppy child keeps this spirit company.




Endearingly called by many, “The Beauty Queen”, the 75 year old Colony Theatre is a newly restored 1934 Art Deco, 440 seat theatre that has been beloved by the community for a very long time. Located in the heart of the arts district, in a pedestrian only complex, it is considered to be the area’s premiere, mid-sized performance theatre. This building underwent a detailed three-year, $6.5 million renovation/restoration project, offering the best of the past and an up to date bells and whistles package that is preferred asset in a modern presentation of the arts.

Besides having its original Art Deco grandeur restored, including the original long hall entrance plan, the Colony Theatre now has a new, larger stage and auditorium, additional lighting, and “state-of-the-art theatrical rigging and sound systems.”

The Colony Theatre’s auditorium has newly refurbished 440 seats, that all offer a great, full view of the stage. Disabled-accessible seating is available as well.

This National Register of Historic Places theatre provides a wide variety of programs, including music, dance, theater, opera, comedy, performance art and film. The Colony Theatre is also available for a private performance or event. For rental information, review the Booking Policy prior to contacting the Theater Director at (305) 674-1040 ext 2.

Colony Theater was designed and built in the beginning to be an upscale, premiere movie house, part of Paramount Pictures’ movie theater chain. With fanfare, it was opened in 1934, to the delight of the local community. It originally seated 1,200 movie enthusiasts. The theater was never allowed to sink into disrepair, and has evolved to suit the needs of the art-loving community in Miami Beach, much to the enjoyment of all.

Its first overhaul was in 1953, when the theater closed for two years so it could be refurbished with the latest items, like a wider screen, and updated equipment. When it opened again, it could seat 894 people. In 1960, Colony Theatre’s original entrance was moved to the Lenox Avenue corner, when Lincoln Road was closed to traffic to become the pedestrian mall designed by Morris Lapidus. In 1976, it was renovated to be able to have plays and other forms of artistic endeavors, as well as show films. Smaller improvements were made throughout the remaining years of the 20th century.

Around 2000, the City of Miami Beach became the owner of this gem. In 2003, a wider stage was constructed. In 2006, a major renovation mentioned above began that restored this old gal to her former artistic glory while being updated once again.



Nothing stirs up paranormal activity like restoration and renovation of old structures.

It seems that many theatres have their resident entities for a variety of reasons. Listed below are some possible reasons for the hauntings at this theatre:


Dedicated employees/volunteers/owners

Wanna-be performers

In this case, I think that it is most likely a past employee, like a stage manager, or a past owner of the theatre.

When animals die, they sometimes hang around, not knowing that they are dead.



The tell-tale sign of footsteps of an unseen presence have been heard in the area behind the main stage.

An apparition has been noticed hovering around in this same area.

Rev. Sinthyia, the founder of Miami Paranormal told me that someone’s puppy child, the entity of a toy poodle, cavorts around the building.


Probably so! The Miami Paranormal Research Society, led by Rev. Sinthyia, claims to have recorded some compelling evidence. She is putting together an article for her national publication, explaining what her team of investigators discovered about The Colony Theatre, having gathered some hard evidence in their investigation to back up the personal experiences of the staff of the theater and her own investigators. I can’t wait to see and hear what they have captured!



1040 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, Florida 33139.
(305) 674-1040

The Colony Theatre can be found in the upscale pedestrian Lincoln Mall, in beautiful Miami Beach.



  • E-mail correspondence with Rev. Sinthyia D., concerning what she knew about the Colony Theatre. She answered my e-mail and told me some of what they captured during an investigation, namely evidence of the little puppy entity, as well as hinting about more evidence yet to be revealed.

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