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Living with this spectral family brings unexpected perks!

The spirits in turn find the living a source of amusement and very interesting indeed.

Even the spirit of the Morgan family pet is still here, and still affectionate.




The Morgan House is described as being “a traditional New England farmhouse.” It is nestled on five glorious acres in a beautiful, perfect location for a farm.

Over the years, additions have been made to the original house, making it an ideal place for a large family, or for people with a lot of hobbies, and/or who work at home.

The basic original house had an attic, two floors and a basement cellar, typical for a farm house. Though much renovation has been done inside, the house still has its original white pine floors. It has a main staircase, and a back stairway as well.

Other additions of course have been added to the main structure in creative ways thanks to human ingenuity.

Apparently, nothing will be able to move the house off its foundation! The house’s foundation is three feet thick, and sits on hard rock.

The outside property of the house’s five acres has many flowers and very old, beautiful trees. Private owners of this property like the country setting and what this home can offer its residents.



This whole estate traditionally was a working farm for many years. The Morgan/Bishop House’s original structure was built in 1822-1831 on its five acres of land by farmer Denis Ely. The Morgans bought the farm and land during the middle to late 1800s, opening a dairy farm and raising chickens for eggs as well. Five generations of the Morgan family, and later the Bishop family, worked on this profitable dairy farm and made a satisfying living.

Together, the Morgans faced the challenges and withstood their losses. Along the way they enjoyed the good times and successes, and lived many great memories of both family and farm life.

The Bishop Family also lived here but not much is known about them. Some question whether the Bishops really lived here at all, but one source I found claimed that they did.

This solid, practical structure seems to have always been a beloved home to many, who maintained it and improved it to meet their needs and sensibilities, which happens to historic homes to make them relevant.

In modern times, people who wanted to live in the country, and have a few animals have bought this property, enjoying the beauty of the area and making improvements to the house. The country setting, the enlarged and modernized accommodations, and solid foundation have all made the house very irresistible, despite having its family of good-natured spirits.

As of 2020, an informed source tells me that it is still viable and valued, a modern, upscale home updated to the 21st Century. I wonder what the spirits think of the changes?



Members of the Morgan Family are still together at their family homestead.

Families that have loved their forever dream home in this world sometimes continue to do so in the afterlife. They stay in them to be together.

Whaley House, CA (The Whaley family had to move out of their beloved home because of circumstances, but have moved back in as spirit residents).

Bowman House and Laurel Mausoleum, VT (The entire family now gets to reside here, to make up for all the early deaths).

The Morgan House, MA (The Morgans were an inter-generational family that lived in the same place for five generations. They yearned to all be together in their forever home).


Before the coming of preventative medicine and antibiotics, children were at the mercy of diseases that would sweep through the places where they resided. As spirits, they sometimes choose to stay where they enjoyed family life.

Lafitte’s Guest House, New Orleans (A mother lost both of her children to Yellow Fever, before she also died of it).

Hartford Twain House, CT (Mark And Mrs. Twain lost a son and two of their three daughters to disease).

Moss Mansion Historical Museum, MT (The youngest Moss daughter died of a disease).

Morgan House, MA (The Morgans’ twelve year old daughter died of rheumatic fever).


Children in all eras, including our own, sometimes die in accidents and decide to stay in the place they loved while alive.

Bee Bennett Mansion, CA (A rambunctious little boy fell down the stairs and broke his neck).

Robert Lee Mansion, VA (A little boy fell down the stairs, breaking his neck).

Waverley Plantation Mansion, MS (A visiting little girl fell down the steep steps and broke her neck).

Morgan House, MA (Alfie Morgan died at age nine from falling down the stairs).


When the spirit of a child decides to stay in his or her favorite place, the spirits of their parents and family may decide to keep them company.

St. James Hotel, NM (An active little spirit boy is still a handful for his mother, trying to get him to go the light).

Old Allen House, AR (When the adult daughter LaDell killed herself, the spirit of her son chose to stay with her).

Shanley Hotel, NY (A child fell down a well and drowned. The spirit of her father, who in life had a barber shop at the Shanley Hotel, has stayed with her).

Morgan House, MA (The Morgan Family may be all together to keep their daughter and son company).



In 1965, a large living family consisting of a Dad, a Mom, and five children fell in love with the property and decided to move in, despite being told of the spectral family that was already there.

The spirits of the Morgans, who loved children, whether living orin spirit form, welcomed the living family into their forever home. Their fun-loving personalities, personal interests and their desire to be helpful came through in various paranormal activity.

The paranormal activity described below dates back to the 1965 family who moved into the Morgan House.

Residual Energy

For a period of time, at 11:00 pm every night, a loud boom, like someone was kicking the front door, would resound throughout the house. (This could be from a time when someone else lived here as well.)


Distinct footsteps are always present.

Some have been heard going back and forth the upstairs hallway to the bathroom.

When the house was empty of the living except for one person, that person would hear footsteps downstairs, when they were upstairs.

If that person was downstairs, they would hear footsteps upstairs.

The Front Door Shenanigans

The living have heard the sounds of the front door unlocking, opening, closing, and footsteps coming into the house and walking through it.

Upon inspection, the door was always found to be locked and shut, like nothing at all had taken place.

Unseen Presences Felt

Upstairs, cold spots that can be felt in various places, especially near the bathroom and the middle of the main staircase.

The spirit people are very interested in watching Dad work on his projects.

While working in the basement cellar in his workshop, Dad had felt more than one presence watching him work on his various household projects.

As they were practical, do-it-yourself people in real life, they must have found it entertaining and informative, to watch the living work on their projects.

Sometimes Dad would see flashes of light out of the corners of his eyes.

No pet of the living family could be dragged into the basement cellar.

Olfactory Activity

In January every year, the strong smell of lilacs permeated the house, despite the fact that there were no blooming bushes in the middle of winter.

When the family was seated in the living room, they all suddenly smelled the scent of a hospital.

They later found out that the boy down the street had died in the hospital the moment they experienced the odor.

The Spirits of Alphie and his Dog DODO

One of the sons awoke one night to see the top half of a glowing apparition, Alphie, who was interested in the living boy’s toys and trains.

Electronic toys had turned on by themselves even while in the toy box. The favorite toys were cars that could say “Vroom!”

Sounds of a child running up and down the hallway, with the sound of a dog’s footfalls as well, had been heard by the living.

The father woke up to hear marbles being rolled down the stairs.

When the family was saying goodbye to guests, the apparition of a glowing boy waved goodbye too from a second floor window.

The Spirit of the 12-year-old Morgan daughter

It is thought that it was the spirit of the Morgan daughter who walked down the hall to the bathroom.

She yearned to join in the fun that the living daughter and her friends were having.

She watched wistfully out the window at their fun outside.

I’ll Practice too!

The spirit of the Morgan daughter loved to sing.

When the 12-year-old daughter of the living family joined a singing group, she used to practice in her room, tape recording her efforts, to see how she was doing.

When playing back the tape, the disembodied voice of the girl spirit had been singing along with her.

The Spirit of Mary Morgan

This spirit is the great grandmother of Alphie, and wore a large farmer’s hat on her head.

While alive, she was described as being a bit eccentric.

She died in the house, on the same day/year that Alfie was born!

She enjoyed weaving in the living room during the daytime hours, in-between her own list of things to do.

The family’s dog would not go into the living room when this spirit was present.

The Spirit of William B. Morgan

This spirit was still in the house as well.

He was one of the original owners who farmed the land for a number of years.

Spirit person William B. Morgan is the only one of this spectral family in this house that both Dad and Mom had ever seen.

Making Himself Known

He made his appearance every fall, during harvest time.

Wearing an old black hat, and farmers boots, his apparition was seen tramping through the dining room into the kitchen.

This same apparition was identified by a psychic visiting the house, who received various impressions as she walked through the interior.

A tape recorder was set up near the family’s talking parrots, to see if they would say anything, when no one was there.

One parrot repeated the phone number of the cemetery where William P. Morgan was laid to rest.

Good-Natured Teasing!

The Dad was taking a bath upstairs one evening.

He heard the sound of furniture being moved around downstairs.

Once he got to the top of the main staircase, the noises suddenly stopped.

Wondering what his wife was up to, he found that the furniture hadn’t been moved at all, and his wife was fast asleep in their bedroom.

More Bathroom Chuckles for Spirits

The area around the bathroom seems to be a favorite place.

A sense of uneasiness sometimes settled on the living while in the bathroom.

A crashing sound, like a piano being dropped or the roof beams breaking, could be heard in the part of the attic directly above the bathroom.

People using the bathroom, often heard knocks on the door, when no one living was in the hallway outside the door.

It was thought to be the spirit of the Morgan daughter walking down the hall to the bathroom.

Other Teasing on the Second Floor

The spirit of the Morgan daughter playfully lets whoever is sleeping in her room know that she is there.

She got into the spirit of fun at the living daughter’s slumber party.

When a slumber party participant went to sleep in the spirit’s old room, she knocked on the floor all around the bed, and then shook the bed a bit!

Helpful Perks

The spirit of Mary Morgan tries to help.

When the Mom was too tired to do the dishes, she left them in the sink, and planned to do them the next morning.

During the evening, the tape recorder in the kitchen picked up someone doing the dishes and putting them away.

In the morning, while Mom still had to do the dishes, the spirit of Mary had tried to do some for her.

Helping by Watching

During a slumber party, held by one of the daughters, the girls all ran outside.

When the daughter looked back at the house, she thought her Dad was watching them, as she saw something like a flashlight watching them from the window.

As they all turned and stared at it, it slowly started to move throughout the house, until it vanished.

Running back into the house, both her parents were already sound asleep. Perhaps a parent from a different era was keeping an eye on them.

Upcoming Death of a Loved One

Apparently, this was a perk offered for the living.

Right before any elderly relative died, the Mom and Dad were awakened at night by three loud raps on the headboard of their bed.

One of the helpful spirits gave a heads-up to prepare them for the news.



People who have lived here throughout the years have had boatloads of personal experiences, especially if they had children.

Seances have brought to light some communication with the spirits and the spectral dog.

Hard evidence has been caught by running tape recorders in various spots in the farmhouse. As the home is a private residence, not much is known about other experiences or hard evidence that has been caught more recently.

No hard evidence from paranormal groups has been shared, probably because the owner doesn’t want to scare off tenants.



Most probably so, UNLESS an owner had the house cleansed of spirits. It was well known that the living were sharing the home with the spectral Morgan Family.

What made these spirits active was the presence of children. When the children grew up and out of the family home, the activity had dropped, but was still there.



ADDRESS: Mountain Rd in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

The Morgan House is located in a rugged, rural area against the side of a mountain, outside of the city of Wilbraham, Massachusetts. It sits about 10 feet from the twisting, turning, and intimidating country road that runs by it.


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  • Source; Old picture of the actual Morgan House, found on Rocket Robert’s Wilbraham Photo History page,
    taken about 100 years ago.

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