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Ashley House

I run a tight ship! Everything must be perfect!

What a great place to spend our afterlives!

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Deerfield Inn

“Oh My! They need my help. Do it this way!”

“I do have fun with the living.”

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Deerfield Old Burial Grounds

“What happened to my babies? I can’t find a trace of them.”

“I mourn for what was taken from me: my baby, my life, my little charges, and what was supposed to be.”

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Hawthorne Hotel

Let me show you!

My apple pies are the best in Salem!

Awe, to be on a ship in the sea. I sure do miss it.

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Morgan House

“I wish I was still alive, so I could be a part of her life.”

“Youngsters need to be watched.”

“He has such wonderful toys that make sounds!”

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Old Yarmouth Inn

“I am watching you, to be sure you are doing your duties as staff members.”

“I like to do welcoming acts of kindness.”

“Some people are fun to tease! It’s easy because they can’t see us!”

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Ropes Mansion

“After all I did for my community, I died a hated man.”

The Spirit of Abigail is slightly unhinged from her accidental burning…

“My, isn’t the Ropes Colonial Garden Lovely!”

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Salem Inn

Better not sleep in my room if you are male.

Where’s Mommy? It is fun to play on the steps!

The parlor is my favorite place.

I find peace in my memories, as I walk around the third floor.

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Salem Witch House

“I was tortured to death for something I didn’t do.”

“We want justice and to clear our names!”

“I am only four and I need my mommy.”

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SK Pierce Mansion

Better be able to restore the home in a timely manner.

I protect the house and keep all the other spectral residents in line.

Paranormal investigators are pests!

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