Robert E Lee Mansion

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Is still the home of three little Lee children who died early in life.

The spirit of their family dog apparently is here as well!



This old, lovely southern mansion was General Robert E. Lee’s boyhood home. The mansion was administered by the Lee-Jackson Foundation, and tours were given for a fee, until the museum was sold in March 2000 to Mark and Ann Kington of Alexandria, VA to be used once again to be a private residence, no longer open to the public.

Never been able to see this mansion? You can still take a great virtual tour of the mansion, by visiting, a web-site with lots of interesting information about Lee’s boyhood home.

In 1967, the mansion was owned by a Henry K. and family. The K family moved into the mansion on June 10th, 1962, and immediately experienced ghostly occurrences.



In 1967, the mansion was owned by a Henry K. and family. The K family moved into the mansion on June 10th, 1962, and immediately experienced ghostly occurrences.

These occurrences continued with other owners of this house.

Spirit of a 4 Year old Boy

His presence is most often felt in the downstairs hall, right underneath the second floor landing.

Always during the daylight hours, the whole family heard the pitter-patter of running, little feet of a young child and a delightful giggling coming from the upstairs, as well as up & down the stairway, leading to the upper floors of the mansion, and the front hall.

The giggling little voice of the four year old was heard all over the house.

This unseen child of about 4 yrs., (Mrs. K estimates), also liked to walk along with the various family members, giggling, sometimes circling around them at the level of their knees, at the three above mentioned places.

These occurrences happened 2 to 3 times a day, almost every day for 6 months straight. The occurrences tapered off after the 6 months, though they still happened sporadically, much to the family’s disappointment.

Spirit of Little Boy is a Jokester

This little fellow still enjoys playing jokes on the living. Ringing the doorbell, moving objects around, and dropping snowflakes on visitors on at least 2 occasions has happened.

The K’s experienced an awkward, social moment one day, when their new neighbors came to visit. All of a sudden, their lady guest found herself getting wet from a snow fall which began about a foot above her head, as she sat in the K’s living room. She finally got up to leave, gracefully excusing herself because she was all wet.

A lost cigarette lighter suddenly came flying out of nowhere and landed right at Mrs. K’s feet.

Spirit of Black Dog

Puppy pal of the little boy

Mr. & Mrs. K, as well as a neighbor, have all seen a happy, tail-wagging black dog apparition, with a long body, short legs and short, floppy ears, trotting around their well-fortified backyard.

The K’s two beagles, who would normally chase anything that dares to get into their yard, didn’t even react to this ghostly trespasser.

Perhaps, they realized that this friendly, unseen pooch wasn’t of their world of the living.

More recently, residents of the neighborhood have seen the apparition of the little boy playing with this black dog in the backyard.

Spirits of Two Little Girls

In recent years, witnesses have seen the ghosts of two little girls as well.

Unknown Spirit: A Music Lover

Both Mr. & Mrs. K have heard at different times, waves of beautiful, music made from an unidentified string instrument, which came from the upstairs part of the mansion.

Some unseen resident loves stringed music and willingly shared it with the rest of the family.


Psychic-sensitive Susy Smith visited the K’s mansion and felt a prickly sensation along her spine, as she was walking onto the back part of the downstairs hall, which was under the second floor landing. It wasn’t a scary, dreadful feeling, but more like “delicious goosebumps”.


There are three theories concerning the Identity of the ghost-child:

1) Some feel that this cheery little one could be Lee’s 4 year old son who fell down the stairs and died at Lee’s other house, which was about 50 miles away in Stratford, Virginia. However, this tragic incident happened long after Lee or any member of his family had lived in this Alexandria mansion. At least, the ghost-child had at least one other unseen presence, as well as a ghost dog and the K family, to keep him/her company, in 1967.

2) Some feel that this little rascal could be Robert Lee, coming back as a child.

3) Some feel that this little fellow is Lee’s brother Phillip, who died at age 4, perhaps in this house. This theory may be the correct one.


Identity of the two little girl ghosts:

It is thought that the little girl apparitions are Lee’s sisters who also died in childhood, perhaps here in this house.


Identity of the Music Lover: Theory by Julie Carr

Parent or Parents of spirit children have been known to stay in this world if their spirit children refuse to leave. That way, they can be with them and look after them. (See related posts: Whaley House CA * Kehoe House GA * St James Hotel -NM * Shanley Hotel NY.)

General Lee’s mother and dad probably lost three children in this house. Her son, Philip and two daughters. It is probably the mother, as women of that era enjoyed playing their instruments for entertainment. It is unknown if General Lee’s father played an instrument. It could be him also, visiting his wife and children..




While the Lee-Jackson Foundation officially denied that the house was haunted, past owners, visitors, neighbors and probably some tour guides have experienced the above manifestations. The Kingstons now own the mansion and will find out soon enough about the spirits which come along with the place.



607 Oronoco Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

This mansion is located in Alexandria, Virginia on Oronoco St.– a quiet side street.

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