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Has a variety of spirits who find ways to give personal hospitality
and assistance to the living.

A well-mannered, self-controlled male spirit supervises.

Other spirits amuse themselves by startling the living.


The Old Yarmouth Inn Restaurant and Tavern is described as a two-story white colonial structure, with an attic and basement, a lovely patio, three distinct dining rooms, and an informal tavern. As of 2023, it is no longer an inn, but a great place to dine or hold a social event.

The Red Room and the Music Room are smaller and perfect for small affairs or intimate dinners. The bright beautiful room now used as the Main Dining Room was added on to the original structure in the 1940s as a sun porch but was later enclosed to become the large dining area. The patio is the place for outside dining.

The Inn Restaurant and Tavern lives up to its name, having the distinction of being the oldest building of its kind in America. It serves terrific food, offers great wine and fine company, and is still a place to host special events!

Their website states:”We offer delicious Classic American fare given a modern twist by our talented staff of Internationally trained chefs and served to you by the “best in the business” in a relaxed and casual setting within the walls of this Historic Gem and seasonally on our beautiful Patio!”



The Old Yarmouth Inn opened in 1696 as a coaching inn as it “was the ideal stop-over on what would have been a day and a half coach ride.”

While it has always been a restful place to stay, with good food to enjoy in the 17th and 18th centuries, it has also been a favorite place for church goers to visit after services. Local churches had no heat, and the Old Yarmouth Inn was warm and toasty inside, and served refreshments. It was the perfect place for after-church fellowship!

Through its long history, it has also been used as a dentist office, a family home, a boarding house for school teachers and perhaps as a place where Revolutionary-era soldiers were stationed, as Yarmouth Port was actively recruiting men to fight in the Revolutionary War. Soldiers of every era loved the local tavern, and the Old Yarmouth Inn was a great place to drink with buddies.

Before the Civil War, the owners of the inn were part of the underground railroad, and hid runaway slaves in a secret room in the attic, which came to light when granddaughter Althea of future owners the Powells, was playing in the attic and discovered it.

After the Powells, the inn’s owners followed the tradition of keeping the building up to snuff, and offering a great place to stay, eat and drink. The inn became a favorite place for locals to enjoy food and drink.

It has been under the ownership of Sheila FitzGerald and Arpad Voros since May 1996. Sometime along the way, it stopped being an inn, and focussed on dining and catered social events.


People who die in an inn or hotel while on vacations or business trips, sometimes want to continue with their lives and don’t want to admit they are in spirit form. They may make the best of it and enjoy the hotel, residing for free.

La Castañeda, NM (The ill-fated spirit of a train passenger never made it to his destination, because he died of a heart attack in the hotel bar. He continues to enjoy free drinks from the spectral bartender).

Buffalo Central Terminal, NY (Throughout the years, people have died suddenly in this station from medical emergencies like heart attacks, or have fallen from the platforms. Their spirits are still trying to catch their trains home, or are waiting for their beloveds to come home from war. They may have decided to enjoy being in the building).

Larian Motel, AZ (The spirit of a tourist who died in his motel room, apparently resides in his favorite room, while continuing to visit Tombstone).

Old Yarmouth Inn, MA (Throughout the years, many visitors have stayed here. Some may have died in the building from natural causes, and decided to reside in their favorite rooms).


Sometimes spectral residents find it hard to share their room with the living.

Buford House, AZ (The spirit of a possessive grandma resides in her original bedroom, and has been known to yell at bed and breakfast guests to get out of her room).

Salem Inn, MA (The female spectral resident in Room 17, has forbidden men to sleep in her room, unless they bring a drink for her).

Longwood, MS (The spirit of Julia Longwood gently got her feelings across when the house museum first opened its doors to the public. The resident manager Louise Burns slept in the Nutts’ bed chamber, and the spirit politely told Burns that she was still using her bed chamber).

Old Yarmouth Inn, MA (The spirit of a former hotel guest was very surprised to see the living sleeping in his bed).


People who put their hearts and souls into a business may decide to reside in the building during their afterlives, to keep an eye on the living who are managing their business.

Eldridge Hotel, KS (The spirit of Col. Shalor Eldridge is residing in his hotel, to keep a friendly eye on the staff whom he tries to help).

Bullock Hotel, SD (The spirit of Seth Bullock is the spectral owner, keeping a close eye on the staff, and the dumb owners, who moved gaming machines into the lobby, which upset him greatly).

Colony Hotel and Cabana, FL (The spirits of the original owners still keep a hand in the managing of their hotel).

Old Yarmouth Inn, MA (The spirit of Mr. Power, Althea Power’s grandfather, is thought to be watching and supervising the living).


The spirits of people who die in accidents or by fire in structures may decide to stay in the place where they died, to work through the restlessness caused by their painful, unexpected deaths.

The Ropes Mansion, MA (The spirit of Abigail is still working through her painful death from an accidental burning. She doesn’t understand why her servants didn’t hear her scream when her skirts caught on fire, because the living sure do!).

Boca Raton Resort and Club, FL (Dedicated employee Esmerelda died suddenly in an accidental fire, long before she was ready to leave this world. Because she found fulfillment in her job, she decided to continue the best she could as a spirit).

Virginia State Executive Mansion, VA (The spirit of a young lady, who was killed in a deadly carriage accident, has made herself at home).

Old Yarmouth Inn, MA (A woman who was rumored to be the owner’s mistress at the time, died in the second floor fire, and her spirit still resides in the inn).

(The spirit of a slave woman traveling on the Underground Railroad may have died of heat exposure in the attic hiding space).


Spirits of soldiers like to reside in their favorite watering holes, and find ways to amuse themselves as young men tend to do, sometimes at the expense of the living.

General Wayne’s Inn, PA (When the Inn was still a restaurant and bar, the spirits of Revolutionary War Hessian soldiers helped themselves to it’s tea and alcohol after closing, and amused themselves by teasing the customers, staff, and playing with electrical devices).

Farnsworth House, PA (Spirits of Confederate soldiers like to tease the waitresses. They can be cheeky, be entertainers, and do bed visits for giggles!).

Savannah Pirates’ House, GA (This place is still the much-loved hangout of spectral English and French privateers, who have rowdy personal habits and senses of humor).

Old Yarmouth Inn, MA (Spirits of Revolutionary soldiers stationed in Yarmouth Port still enjoy themselves in the tavern, startling the living for chuckles).



There are a variety of spirits who reside in the Old Yarmouth Inn.

The Spirit of Mr. Powell

He likes to be part of the managing staff as he keeps a close eye on the actions of the staff.

He has taken action when the living act in a manner not becoming a live person.

The Spirit of a Residing Guest

He likes to stay in the Quisset Harbor Room, which was his favorite room.

He is described as being a calm-mannered gentleman, dressed in a flouncy white blouse, and other late 19th century clothing.

He is a “jowly individual with high full cheeks.”

“Why Are You in My Bed?”

One guest woke up once around 4:00 AM, and found that he had company!

A male spirit was standing at the foot of the bed, looking very puzzled, and wondering why there was a couple in his bed.

The spirit broke into a welcoming smile, from ear to ear!

The Spirit of the Woman

She is described as being a tease, and likes to play with the living.

One male guest was awakened one night and saw a ghostly form, sitting on the foot of his bed.

He was scared and hid under his clovers.

He then felt unseen hands rub and massage his feet, an act of kindness performed by a woman who was a slave, or someone’s mistress.

When she then shook the bed by the bedposts, the guest left quickly, and stayed the rest of the early morning hours in the lobby until the sun came up.

The Dining Rooms

After turning out the lights in the dining rooms for the evening while closing, the lights have been turned on by a spirit who wanted perhaps a chuckle and to say: hello, I’m still here – I have some control!

There are unexplained cold spots and drafts felt by the living.

Recently, the waiters and staff who supervise the dining area have heard their names whispered by an unknown voice.

The Kitchen

The kitchen mixer was turned on by a spirit, while a relative of the owner was getting a cup of coffee early one morning.

The relative produced a lovely reaction, providing some entertainment for this unseen and mischievous presence.

Another guest came down early one morning to get some coffee in the kitchen, but she couldn’t figure out how to open the kitchen doors.

A voice from nowhere told her to “Push!”

Let’s Have Some Fun!

I theorize that the spirits that stay in the tavern and cocktail lounge, are soldiers from the Revolutionary War. Spirits of young men find fun ways to entertain themselves.

It is fun to tease the female bartender. “Let’s wobble the glasses when she tries to fill them up!” While pouring drinks on the bar, the female bartender has had to hold the glasses still.

Some playful spirit has come up with an entertaining game. “Let’s slide ash trays down the bar and flip them into the air for the fun of it.”

Consequences for Unbelief

It’s never a good idea to proclaim one’s unbelief about ghosts in a haunted place!

One such customer visiting the tavern found out the hard way why this is true.

The cover of the air conditioner came undone and flew ten feet across the room to graze this scoffer’s head; not hurting, but scaring enough to correct faulty thinking!

Jokes for Chuckles

Window panes have come loose from their hinges by themselves or probably helped along by a jokester spirit.

The doors open and close by themselves. Unexplained cold spots also can be felt at times.


For years, staff and guests have had many personal experiences with the spirits who reside here. The owners have not come out of the paranormal closet. They haven’t put their spirits to work by hosting paranormal events, and don’t want to be invaded by ghost hunters who would bother and annoy their spirits, disrupting the peaceful coexistence between the living and the dead.



Yes indeed!

The benign spirits are playful, a bit mischievous, and sometimes even try to help the owners. These spectral residents are part of this old inn, enjoying themselves by interacting with the living.



223 Route 6A
Yarmouthport, Massachusetts 02675
(508) 362-9962

Old Yarmouth Inn Restaurant and Tavern can be found in Yarmouthport in Cape Cod. It was built in 1696 in a strategic place, in the city of Yarmouthport, a village located 35.18 miles southeast from Plymouth, and 45.51 miles from Provinceton. While such a drive today would take around two hours, back in the days before modern transportation it was a long day and a half trek via stagecoach or horseback, making Yarmouthport an ideal place to spend the night.

The inn offers a high-quality restaurant and tavern, hosts banquets, weddings and receptions and special events, but is not using its guest rooms on the second floor for visitors at this time.


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