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It has been a place of a lot of history, human drama and people who loved it here.

Spirit of a monk finds intellectual stimulation here.

A spectral doctor is still available for living guests, on occasion.

Of course, there is a spectral supervisor who is not afraid to get involved!

Night time gardening anyone?


The Compass Rose is one of the largest Inns on Cape Cod; with 9.800 sq ft. and three floors; on 1.23 acres of land. This historical property whose first main structure was built in 1716, sits directly on Old King’s Highway/Route 6A in charming Yarmouth Port. A new owner, Andora Hamilton, who changed the name of the inn, from Colonial House Inn to The Compass Rose, has spruced up the inn while keeping the authentic 18th century feel and aura. Guests enjoy a beautiful updated bar, an all-season porch, parlor, dining rooms and large kitchen. The main house also has nine bedrooms all with private baths and a large owner’s suite with a private bedroom, bathroom and living room kitchenette combination. The second building/carriage house has ten fully remodeled guest rooms all with private baths.

The former owners also did some sprucing up of the place in preparation of selling The Colonial House Inn. This listing was with Loopnet: “The lower level of the property is made up of ample storage space and two very large function areas. The property has received many significant upgrades over the past 3 years including, but not limited to, 12 (of the 21 guestrooms) have been remodeled, new bar with all new equipment, 2 new hot water tanks, laundry room, new boiler and a new 400 amp 120/240 volt three phase electrical service. The property has the potential of 21 guestrooms and a large restaurant with significant meeting and or banquet space. The lower lawn and back deck are spectacular spots for outdoor events. Guests on Trip Advisor have awarded this property a 5 star rating!”

Andora Hamilton, who moved into the inn with her two sons has been busy giving this historic inn a facelift as well as “installing a new septic system, refurbishing the antiquated kitchen with new commercial-grade appliances, replacing all the fixtures in the inn’s 26 bathrooms.” The list is endless with a 300 year old structure. “The 10-guestroom carriage house behind the 11-guest room main house has already been renovated with new floors, new paint and new furnishings to create more of an uncluttered modern look.”



The original house was first built in 1716, by Captain John Minot, a soldier and a dedicated physician who loved his work. Being built close to the King’s Highway, Native Americans and other people over the years came to town right by the property. Perhaps some of these people were treated, operated on by the good Dr. Minot.

In 1730 another part of the present building was built next to the Minot House by the Josiah Ryder family; a two story Federal style home with a hip roof, an attic and a basement. The Ryder family lived there for only a short time. They lived next to Captain John Minot’s home.

During the Revolutionary War, this house was used as a hospital and Room 24 was Dr. Minot’s operating room. The wounded were treated here with some success. Others may have “bought the farm” or “kicked the bucket” from their wounds.

Captain Joseph Eldrige bought the newer Josiah Ryder home. At some point, the Eldrige family also bought Dr. Minot’s property; probably when he died. For the next 100 years, it was known as the Eldrige House, being passed down to descendants, such as Dr. Azariah Eldridge who enjoyed living in this Cape Cod location.

When more room was needed, another house which was floated over from Nantucket, and was added on a foundation at the rear of the original Eldrige building as more living space was desired. It wasn’t until 1860 that this house was added directly onto the main structure and added a third floor while they were at it. The Minot House was also made part of the Eldrige building along with two other nineteenth-century buildings, in the latter part of the 1800s. The owners also added a mansard roof and the portico sitting on the top modernized the house to fit in with the Victorian style homes being built at this time.

Other people who owned the Eldrige House include U. S. Congressman Thomas Thatcher, Charles F. Swift and Ella Bray (local historians) and the Simpkins family. Sometime along the way this once private residence became an Inn, putting this massive structure to work.

In 1979, The Colonial House Inn was due for a renovation. New owner Malcolm Perna did extensive work to create three intimate dining rooms, large guest rooms with private bathrooms. The carriage house was turned into suites and a conference area.

Current owner Andora Hamilton is no stranger to the hospitality business; having gotten her experience working as a manager for several big hotels. She continues to restore and renovate her Compass Rose Inn. She is aware that she has some spectral, non-paying residents and a few unseen employees who are not on the payroll. she accepts them as part of the building.



This Inn has seen a lot of history, a lot of human drama being around for so long a time in one form or another. “Some believe this building may well have more paranormal activity than any other house on Cape Cod!” is a quote from one book “Ghosts, Myths and Legends”, published by the Historical Society of Cape Cod.”

People who find purpose and passion in their work, sometimes have trouble leaving it all behind, and stay in this world to keep their hand in their former earthly work.

St Louis Cathedral LA (A Father still prays and cares for people).

Brewery Arts Center NV (A former caretaker makes sure the place is secure and electricity is saved).

Mission Santa Barbara CA (A Franciscan Monk still comforts the living and prays).

Compass Rose Inn (The spirit of Dr. Minot still offers his services to the living when deemed appropriate).

Spirits who die in a place where they love the structure and outside view; and treatment they received there, sometimes want to enjoy this earthly place as spirit people; no longer sick or in pain.

Biltmore Hotel FL (Spirits who died in the hospital or by the hand of another stay to enjoy this place.)

Hotel Coronado CA (A woman who died here under mysterious circumstances, stays to enjoy the hotel.)

Cashtown Inn PA (A Civil War soldier who died there, still sticks around for chuckles).

The Colonial House/Compass Rose (Some people that were operated on by the good Dr. Minot may have died there. Spirit of a Native American girl stays in 224 with Dr. Minot. Spirit of a monk may have been treated here, and perhaps died here as well. He also finds things to amuse himself).

Some of the wounded from The Revolutionary War must have died here, and could’ve stuck around in their favorite place

General Wayne Inn (Hessian soldiers enjoy teasing the living; especially the women sitting at the bar.)

The Logan Inn PA (A soldier left to die in the cellar, now enjoys the inn).

Edgewood Plantation VA (Some soldiers are still hanging around a place that was kind to them).

The Colonial House/Compass Rose (Perhaps the dining room supervisor could be a spectral officer:commissioned or non-commissioned wanting to contribute. (USS Hornet CA)

After serving as a home for many people, the building was put to work; becoming an inn, a place of relaxation and rest: A place with fond memories has been known to attract entities who loved it during their life time, and chose to stay here.

(Loveland Castle OH ( While it is a museum, the original owner still putters around, enjoying his things and the people who come and visit).

Brumder Mansion WI (Though now a bed and breakfast and theater, the spirits find ways to be helpful).

Jocelyn Castle IA (Original family enjoys the weddings and social affairs that take place here).

The Colonial House/Compass Rose (Any of the past owners/guests may visit. Dr. Minot has been documented as being there).

Spirits of Creative people may decide to visit or reside in their favorite place in this world where they could writer and grow in their skills as artists.

The Wolf Creek Inn OR (A famous writer still comes to write there).

Stevenson House CA (Robert Louis Stevenson is said to visit here).

The Hemingway House FL (Hemingway delights in working on the novels he wrote here).

Yes indeed! The Colonial House/Compass Rose has its own talented, creative, well-known spectral artist!



Room 224 – The spirit of Dr. John Minot

The good doctor is still on duty; apparently making room calls to living guests; especially those who stay in 224.

Dr. John Minot gave a young bride on her honeymoon a start one late night in room 224. He appeared as a misty gray figure, standing about 4 feet from her side of the bed. After studying her for a bit, the figure floated to the foot of the bed, and slowly faded away. Her husband slept through the whole thing.

Dr. Minot felt compelled to check out two investigators sleeping in Room 224, touching them with cold hands; perhaps taking a pulse? Perhaps the caring doctor saw them as patients.

Room 224: Spirit of a Native American girl

She may have been treated by Dr. John Minot but may have died of her illness or surgery. Perhaps she likes to stay with Dr. Minot.

She lets the living know that she is there in the room.

Room 224: Spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson

He must appear fully; perhaps see-through as he was recognized as being himself.

Ralph’s apparition may have been seen sitting at the desk, deep in thought and writing.

He lets the living know that he is there, sharing the room with them.

Downstairs: Spectral Supervisor

This Supervisor is a stern, no nonsense spirit, who can take charge if need be.

This spirit likes to supervise the employees, with a protective eye on the cashier station. Perhaps, this spirit is protective of the owner’s business and likes to step in to “help” employees that are deemed to be in his or her eyes to be hapless or naive.

The Colonial House; When a waiter attempted to swipe a customer’s credit card through the machine, an unseen presence from behind grabbed the card out of the waiter’s hand, taking it away. The card was eventually found in the cabinet below the payment counter. Perhaps the customer reminded this entity of a scalawag from the past with bad credit!!

Office Area: Resident Monk

Spirit of a Monk loves the office area:especially the electrical devices and books!

Books on the shelves in this front office have fallen off all by themselves. This spirit must like to read and study new things.

This spirit has been seen by the living, appearing clearly enough to be recognized as a monk.

Outside Area: Chore Time

A spirit of a Woman is dressed in 18th century attire.

Apparently, the best time to attend a spectral garden is in the middle of the night. She has been noticed going about her gardening chores. She could’ve been the cook for some owner a long time ago; or perhaps an owner’s wife.


Guests, staff, paranormal investigators and past owners have all had personal experiences with all these spirits who feel free to be themselves.

Investigations that caught hard evidence were done here before The Colonial Inn was sold to the new owner.

The previous owners stated in an article in, “We had over 20 research teams investigate the Inn over the last 10 years. They always have been very enthusiastic about their findings.”

Ghost Travelers was one of the investigation teams who had success in catching hard evidence.

Once such success was capturing an EVP of the voice of a young Indian girl singing a native song in her own language was recorded by one investigator.

Check It Out In Detail another group’s findings: Investigation Web Site.



Yes indeed!

Despite having a new owner, the spirits have had no reason to leave, so they are still there for various reasons.When they feel comfortable with the new owner, they will show her and the living that they are still sharing the structure with her and her family.

After being informed of all the results done by the Investigation group, whose web-site is listed above, the past owners of the The Colonial Inn (now Compass Rose Inn) realized that they may have a few more nonpaying entities, than the trio which haunts room 224.

The entities are basically well-behaved and are accepted as part of the deal of owning a very old place!

Despite having a new owner, the spirits had no reason to leave, so they are still there for various reasons.When they feel comfortable with the new owner, they will show her and the living that they are still sharing the structure with her and her family.

Check It Out In Detail: Investigation Web Site

After being informed of all the results done by the Investigation group, whose web-site is listed above, the owners of the The Colonial Inn realize that they may have a few more nonpaying entities, than the trio which haunts room 224. The entities are basically well-behaved and are accepted as part of the deal of owning a very old place!



277 Main Street
Route 6A, Cape Cod
Yarmouthport, Massachusetts 02675
800-999-3416 * 508-362-4348

The COLONIAL HOUSE INN is now the COMPASS ROSE INN is located at the intersection of Main Street and Church Street.


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