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Benton High School

Has a dedicated spectral employee who isn’t on the payroll. Cranky spirits not happy with the living act out their feelings.

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Guibourd Valle House

A trio of spectral well-wishers, servants not on the payroll, some rowdy spirits, a cordial personality and a musical one keep the museum staff company.

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Hotel Savoy

Apparently a living resident had a spectral roommate with certain musical tastes.

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Landers Theater

A murder victim, a former employee who died on the job, a young accident victim, and a few actors retired from this world and keep the place hopping with activity.

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Lemp Mansion

The Lemp family experienced family upset, turmoil and drama, despite their wealth and fortune…

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Music Hall

While most spirits who enjoy this space are model spectral guests, there is always one in every crowd…

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