Benton High School

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Has a dedicated spectral employee who isn’t on the payroll.

Cranky spirits not happy with the living act out their feelings.


This solidly built, grand-looking, 3 story brick building dates back to 1938, when construction began on a piece of land bought by the school district. After spending $400,000 dollar in this construction effort, the 3 story, 320 foot high school building opened on March 21, 1940, with 37 classrooms, an auditorium, a gym and cafeteria.


In 1961, a new gym was built on the north side of the main building, with a 147 ft high non-pillared dome. It was named for an honored coach at Benton High, P.B. “Pop” Springer. Unfortunately, the dome wasn’t constructed properly, and collapsed 10 years later, and was replaced with a conventional flat roof.

A new athletic field was built between 1974-1977. It was named, “Jim Sparks Memorial Field” after a young man who died on the football field during a game.

In 1969, a two story twelve room wing was added to the south end of the main building. A new art room was also built adjacent the Industrial Arts wing.

In 1990, the high school got a face-lift and another 8,240 sq. feet addition in a two story building which houses classrooms, labs and office space.



This high school is supposedly built on top of an old Indian burial spot.

Entities who loved their work, and were dedicated to their duties during their lifetimes, often want to continue doing their work, despite being in an altered state of existence.



During the evening hours:

On the 200 foot long, third floor hallway of the original building –

An unruly unseen presence throws books at folks who walk down this hallway.

Some people hear disembodied yelling and screaming, or disembodied voices coming across the school’s intercom, which is located in the main office.

Main Office:

The entity of a secretary – A dedicated, but dead school secretary is still on the job.

Her apparition was seen walking into the office.

People recognize the aroma of her perfume in the office.

The 1969 Annex:

Unknown entity haunts the classrooms and hallways.

A red light is seen floating up and down the hallways.

An apparition was seen entering a classroom, where it turned on a TV set, sat down and watched it.


Yes Indeed!

Unhappy, disturbed Indian spirits, a former secretary and perhaps a dead youth are still using the facilities as home.




5655 South 4th Street,
Saint Joseph, MO 64504

Benton High School is south of downtown Saint Joseph, about 11 minutes away via the 229, off the Southwest Parkway, which intersects with S 4th St., which is one way going south. The school is situated on a hill, which overlooks the street and ravine, AND boulevard system.



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