Haunted Locations in

Denver, Colorado

Brown Palace Hotel

Better not talk about the scandal of a socialite who entertained in a suite here… Her displeasure will be made known.

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Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

This Bed and Breakfast is the most haunted place in Denver!

Spectral residents include spirits from every era… The most troubled spirits are those of two young murder victims.

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Molly Brown House

Apparently the spirits of the original owners, their guests and a grumpy servant are responsible for its paranormal activity…

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Newhouse Hotel

Friendly former residents heartily approve of the renovations. An undesirable spirit felt unwelcome.

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Oxford Hotel

A male spirit with no boundaries for other’s privacy causes mischief in the women’s restroom in the hotel lobby.

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Teatro Hotel

A spirit of a former streetcar mechanic is a willing volunteer to actually fix things that break before the living handymen can get there.

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