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A three-fingered creepy spirit made a pest of himself!

A commanding male spirit makes his presence known.

A confused male entity was in eternal travel mode.



The first railroad station was built by the Union Depot and Railroad Company, costing $525,000. This showcase Italian Romanesque style rail road station opened on June 1, 1881. Pink lava stone called rhyolite was used to build the building, with Manitou sandstone used over the windows and doors to good effect.

This original building suffered the fate of a lot of buildings during this time period; A fire started in the ladies room which destroyed the 180 ft wooden tower and the southwest side of the station in 1894. Rebuilding the destroyed parts of the station was no problem and soon a second building was constructed in the Beaux Arts Classicism style with a much lower roof line. The two wings on each side of the new building remained from the original 1881 railroad depot structure.

The second building was still very handsome, but more sturdy and practical, being a long rectangular shape with no wasted space. The clock tower was rebuilt with stone. The inside of this building today still has some of the original decor. Some of the inside decor includes plaster arches with 2300 carved Columbine flowers decorating the walls of the center room. The original sconces on the wall, which were buried under coats of paint for years have been restored to their “original bronze tone.”

Throughout the years, renovations and remodeling to the 1894 building updated the railroad station to serve the needs of the railroad and its customers. In 1914, for instance, the stone clock tower was torn down to make room for the lower expanded middle section which is still part of the station today.

80 trains a day were rolling into this very busy station during the 1920s and the 1930s. Up until 1958, this train station’s ridership was more than the people traveling by air at the Stapleton Airport.

During the late 1980s, improvements included upgrading rail platforms and canopies and making room for an RTD bus lane which goes to the Market Street Station from the I-25 bus/High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

In 1998, the Central Platte Valley Light Rail Spur (C-Line) was formed, with the idea of providing a major public transit connection to Denver Union Station. This station became the northern terminus for the C Line light rail route.

The three story Denver Union Train Station is being transformed again to be a useful partner in the city’s need for mass transit. In August 2001, it is reported that “RTD purchased the site in accordance with a jointly funded Intergovernmental Agreement between RTD, the City and County of Denver (CCD), CDOT and DRCOG.” In 2002, a Master Plan was prepared, including an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Union Station. The final plan submitted can been seen if you have good eye sight on

Under the Regional Transportation District’s master plan, It has been decided and authorized to transform The Denver Union Station and the surrounding 19.5 acres into the the hub of Denver’s new “FasTracks rail network”.

The new network will be called the Denver Union Terminal.



The entity of a military officer

Though this male entity hasn’t appeared before the living, his presence is strongly felt in the great hall, and the way this presence conducts itself overwhelmingly points to a former active duty military officer.

Unknown shadowy apparition

The apparition of this entity was seen in the 1930s, wandering around the great hall in a confused state. He finally found his way out the door of the station.


Dozens of entities were reported by the telegraph who worked there.

The creepy entity of the see-through three fingered Hobo apparition would appear like clockwork on the train platforms and proceed to the lobby, and the office area of the Denver Depot to get his chuckles bothering the ticket agents by tapping on the glass windows of the ticket booths.



Yes and No.

The entity of the military officer is still waiting for his train, but the shadowy 1930s entity hasn’t come back. Neither has the creepy hobo entity, much to the relief of the staff.

However, with the new construction and additions coming soon, perhaps the entities will become more active, and the entity of the military officer may finally appear before the living.



1701 Wynkoop Street
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 592-5465


The Denver Union Train Station/known also as the Union Depot can be found in the historic downtown section of Denver, at 17th Street and Wynkoop Street in Denver’s LoDo District.


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