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Spirits here were traumatized by their violent deaths

Some recreate the moments before they died.

An unfriendly, resentful male spirit is triggered by uniforms and anyone breathing.



This unknown National Parks Services Guest House is probably built in the style of most of the other upscale homes in Harper’s Ferry, with the customary front porch, two stories that have two to four rooms on each floor; with a staircase between floors. First floor probably has a parlor and a dining room, a kitchen that was added years later, a bathroom also added, plus maybe a study or library. There was a servant’s stairway, suggesting that the owners had wealth.

Second floor has the bedrooms located off a long hallway. Bedrooms have a door to an outside balcony. There is probably a second floor landing, and a bathroom installed during the 20th century. If there is an attic or third floor, the servants may have lived there.



Not much is reported on the history of this guest house, though it obviously is one of the original buildings of Harper’s Ferry. It was an upscale home, probably built originally for a prosperous businessman and his family.

Many People and families have lived here throughout the long years. It served in recent times as being the place for visiting National Park Service experts who were sent to Harper’s Ferry to do a specific task that needed their expertise.



Some pain, death, trauma resulted in Harper’s Ferry due to Typhoid and Cholera epidemics and flooding, but mostly the huge amount of tragedy and violence began in 1859 when it became a hot zone for Civil War battles.

Spirits of People who died painfully from disease, or were killed violently may find comfort now in staying in their former home now reconstructed, with some modern amenities and such nice furnishings in a time where there is peace from war and with modern water and plumbing facilities which stops contaminated water diseases; Typhoid and Cholera.

A male spirit is possessive of his former home, now is or was a guest house for visiting employees. Other spirits may be reliving the trauma they suffered. Perhaps they still want to continue on trying to reach their goals they were striving for before dying so suddenly and violently.

A female spirit is still trying to protect the spirit of her charge or her daughter. A Spirit of a working class man is trying to protect the body of a dead loved one. Other spirits my hold grudges against the group of people that led to their suffering in this world.

Both the Union forces and the Confederate forces killed civilians and caused mayhem and death. Uniforms may trigger the hostility. The male spirit who is hostile, may be upset by the federal uniforms these federal employees wear for their work clothes. Perhaps he and his family died during one of the Union’s attacks during the Civil War.



The Spirits listed below have been experienced by Federal Employees, visiting researchers and other guests with business in this Harper’s Ferry National Park, who had to stay here.

Surly Male Spirit

Described as being handsome with a grumpy, hostile countenance.

He is usually dressed in a brocade vest, wearing a top hat and holding a cane.

His attire suggest that he had some money in his living years and was from the upper class. He probably owned this property.

He deeply resents having to share his home with the living: people who he thinks were below him in class. Yankees at that, in those Federal Yankee uniforms!

Female Spirit and her Daughter/charge

The female spirit is seen wearing a long, gray, hooded dress.

The spirit of the young girl is always holding the female spirit’s hand.

This female Federal employee also saw the female spirit holding the hand of the spirit of the eight year old.

They were floating down the stairs to the first floor, going about their business, ignoring her.

Spirit of a Male

Details of this spirit have been clearly seen. He is always dressed in 1800s’ work clothes from working class.

A Visiting Researcher was taking a nap on a sofa located in the parlor. He was awakened by the feeling of being watched.

Suddenly a see-through detailed male spirit wearing 19th century work clothes was running through the parlor, carrying a dead man.

A Georgetown female federal employee was sent to do a specific job in Harper’s Ferry National Park. While staying in this guest house owned by the Harper’s Ferry National Park administration, she saw this annoyed, glaring presence who was standing at the head of the servant’s stairway, at the end of the second floor hall.

As he was emitting hostile vibes, she ran to the balcony door, where she felt an invisible hand pushing her in the back, causing her to stumble. She turned around this rude spirit had vanished.

A National Park planning expert also saw this hostile, glaring male spirit in the brocade vest at the end of the second floor hallway, and also the spirits of the female and the little girl holding hands. All three disappeared together.


It depends if the guest house was blessed or an exorcism was performed, or if a medium could convince the spirits to go to the spirit world. If none of this cleansing efforts were done or were successful, the same spirits are still in this structure. They need help to move on, but may not be ready to leave just yet.

Ever since the National Park Service had owned this property, many guest specialists have told the same stories of the above mentioned Spirits.

No hard evidence has been shared with the public. The Harper’s Ferry National Park Administrators who own this structure must of had a private paranormal investigation done to find out who was causing such unnerving upset for these visiting specialists. Hopefully they used a good medium to talk to the spirits, especially the resentful male.



National Parks Services Guest House
171 Shoreline Dr,
Harper’s Ferry, WV 25425

This National Park Services Guest House is located somewhere in Harper’s Ferry National Park historical town. I couldn’t find any hint on-line where it may specifically be located. While the Administrative Offices are now located in the Old Morrow House, it doesn’t say if their guest house for visiting Federal employee workers is there. We don’t know how long the Morrow House has had such an honor, or how old this story is in reality.

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