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A lonesome female spirit seeks company in startling ways.




Cedar Crest College is a small women’s college that was founded in 1867, by the United Church of Christ; an affiliation that is still in place today. It is a beautiful campus, with 84-acres. It is nationally registered arboretum with more than 130 species of trees. The buildings are in great shape, even the older 1867 structures. Cedar Crest Collage has done a great job renovating their buildings to keep up with the needs of the students and faculty, as well as constructing new buildings when needs arise, throughout the years.

Their website states the college’s goals for their young women: “Cedar Crest College has taken a bold approach to education – creating a college and a curriculum designed for women who want to achieve at the highest levels!”

Besides offering academics, Cedar Crest College offers a well-rounded program, including athletics, student paper, student radio, and many activities aimed at young people.

Cedar Crest College has more than 1,400 students from 27 states from Maine to Alaska and 20 countries including Ghana, India, Japan, Ukraine, Nepal, Peru and South Africa. Their student to faculty ratio is 11:1. They have 92 full-time professors. Classes have on average 20 students per class.

Cedar Crest College’s student body is made up of students who live on campus; both under graduates, and graduates, and also has a large commuter population as well. On sight, under graduate residence halls are Butz Hall, Curtis Hall, Moore Hall and Steinbright Hall. Each residence hall has its own perks, along with the necessities and amenities that young people desire in their residence halls.



Sometimes the pressures of personal issues, college living and demands for high achievement can crush the young people who feel that they don’t measure up, and they buckle, thinking that killing themselves will give them the peace that eludes them in this life. Sometimes mental illness like depression/schizophrenia is activated under pressure in the late teens/early 20s.

In 1956, a college legend says that a young woman, called Wanda hung herself on the stairwell of the female dorm, Butz Hall, because she was pregnant. Sometime entities show themselves to the living as children, as they remember the good times they had in their youth.



Female Entity, known as Wanda

Described as a young co-ed, who perhaps shows herself as a little girl as well.

Her apparition has been spotted by residents and custodians, wandering up and down the halls of this residence dorm.

One undocumented report claims that she sometimes shows herself as a little girl; reliving good times in her life before her troubles.

One report from a student claims that residents have seen this little girl in mirrors, or reflective surfaces, playing or just watching the living.


Perhaps. Both young women and adult staff have seen her. Wanda may be a little lonesome, stuck in this world. She seems to seek company with various residents, appearing in a form that is less scary, as a little girl. Unless the building was blessed, this entity is probably still there, though college officials deny her existence, claiming that this entity is the result of over-active imaginations, based on college legends, perhaps started by other students, wanting to scare the freshmen.

Personal experiences of both residents and custodians have been reported, though no official investigation has been allowed to take place, or be reported.



100 College Drive
Allentown, PA  18104

Cedar Crest College campus borders lie within S Cedar Crest Boulevard, Hamilton Boulevard (222), Parkway Boulevard, and College Dr. Take College Dr. off of Hamilton Boulevard.



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