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Some spirit people haven’t let death stop them from continuing to live here.

Fights in the past between people still go on for the entertainment of the living!



Columbia Court Apartments are listed in real estate rental publications as being Residential Apartments and Buildings, and as offering storage for household goods. Most of these basic, if funky-looking, units seen from the street remind one of motel rooms, as they are laid out east to west in a row. One two story unit is perpendicular to the line of units.

The brick units are one-story, and share a wall. Some apartments have one bedroom and some have two. They can’t be more than 800 feet of living space, but are perfect for tenants who are single or who live on a budget.

There is probably a laundry room on the left end, while there is a two-story building unit on the right side. The first story is probably the office area while the manager lives in the second-floor unit, which is a lot larger than the small units.

Current Description: “Columbia Court in Battle Creek, MI is a stunning place to call home. Located in the 49014 area of Battle Creek on Columbia Ave, local residents have convenient access to a mixture of excellent attractions. Our professional team is excited to help you find your perfect fit. Our goal at Columbia Court is to provide you a place to move that you can be proud to call home.”

They are currently owned by a bank or a lender who took ownership through foreclosure proceedings. These are also known as bank-owned or real estate owned (REO).



One source reports that these apartments have been around for 100 years, which means quite q few people of modest means have lived in them, looking at the small, economy size of most of the units.

Other names for these apartments over the years have been The Kulp Court Apartments and The Webster Apartments, whose owners didn’t put much money back into them, because both rents and return of investment were low.

Brick is indestructible so this may have worked out for previous owners, until they inevitably succumbed to competition from newer, low-cost apartments that were more appealing than these creaky, run-down units

Someday, it is easy to imagine a banker or lender will try to get rid of this funky property, selling it to a developer with ideas to either improve the buildings, or just tear them down and start over. What is here now is not working financially so changes are inevitable.

While the units may be hard to rent at a profit, some unseen residents think that they’re just fine, especially since they don’t have to pay anything!



In the afterlife, spirits sometimes decide to stay where they lived while alive.

Fort Bridger, WY (People who lived in this community have chosen to spend their afterlives here).

Montezuma Tavern & Haunted Kitchen, AZ (The spirits of prostitutes reside in a place where they enjoyed working and living).

Pioneer Historic Village, AZ (The spirits who are attached to the structures that were moved here, still reside in them).

Columbia Apartments, MI (Spirits here enjoyed a simple existence in these units, and have chosen to stay in their afterlives).


People’s temperaments do not change when they cross over to become spirits. Conflicts in earthly life can continue in the afterlife if the spirits decide to stay together.

Bradmar Manor, CO (Former spectral residents started to fight about having electricity in their home. The Mr. would turn on the lights and she would turn them off).

Colonel Michael Swope Townhouse, VA (A grumpy master of the house still carries a grudge against the living who are British, as he still can’t forgive how he was once treated by his British captors).

Bulls Head Inn, NY (While alive, Gracie Steacy was a leader in the Temperance Movement. The introduction of the bar into Gracie’s bedroom wasn’t well received, as revealed by spectral signs of civil disobedience).

Columbia Apartments, MI (A spectral couple or two are still having major rows!).


People who are despicable while alive, don’t magically gain new virtues as spirits, and may be counted on as best they can, being their despicable selves).

Irma Hotel, WY (This sour, former bully/killer guest bolsters all his energy to give out a negative aura. He hasn’t tried to hurt anyone living, but he likes to talk to investigators and tell them what he wants to do but can’t).

The Comedy Store, CA (There is a nasty, aggressive, spectral presence in the basement, still yearning to hurt someone. Now, all he can do is get his chuckles by scaring employees).

The Shanghai Tunnels, OR (Psychic clairvoyant mediums have seen the brutal kidnappers, the Crimps, in the tunnels. They are hulking, dark, shadowy figures, with burning red eyes who want to continue to kidnap and sell their captives, but can’t in spirit form).

Columbia Apartments, MI (The spirit of a hostile abuser is still a spectral resident, and harasses living females when he can).



It seems that some people haven’t let death stop them from continuing to reside here. Nor has it improved their earthly temperaments or weaknesses.

Spectral Living

Securely latched closet doors open by themselves. Coat hangers move and rattle together by themselves as well.

Lights go on and off, and knocking on doors by unseen hands has been reported.

Ghostly whispers are heard in some apartment units.

Still Fighting

Fights in the past between people still go on for the entertainment of the neighbors, who are very much alive.

Heavy footfalls and disembodied yelling have been heard coming from empty apartments.

The sounds of dishes and pans being thrown and broken hav been reported, though nothing is amiss when witnesses check up on the areas where the sounds came from.

Naughty and Hostile

Death hasn’t improved the character or demeanor of one particular spirit who haunts the place!

In a particular apartment unit, cold spots and a hostile unseen presence have been felt.

This entity touches and gropes female residents. Ewww!


Residents and the manager have been witnesses to mostly auditory activity.

Residents in one apartment have felt the hostile presence.

I bet when this creepy spirit touches and gropes female residents, they pack up and leave, making this unit hard to rent. Perhaps only male residents can reside here.

No hard evidence of the hauntings has been shared online.



Seems to be, if one believes eyewitness accounts. The property needs to be cleansed of all the negative energy and spirits, or else whatever is haunting it will simply move into the new structures built, and cause more financial problems for the new owners.



504 Columbia Avenue East
Battle Creek, Michigan 49015.
(269) 966-1538

The Columbia Court Apartments can be found just off the interstate 194, on highway 96, also known as Columbia Avenue East, a main artery of Battle Creek which runs all the way to downtown Battle Creek.




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