Bradmar Tudor Manor

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This golf course building was once a private
home of the spirits of the original owners.

These spectral original owners adopted the
Bradley family, becoming caring co-residents.



This immense 20 room mansion was originally built in 1920, by a wealthy family for their daughter, and spared no expense. The daughter, Ethel, lived in this mansion, that she dearly loved, with both her husbands. After her second husband died, she continued to live there for another 20 years.

When she died, it really fell into disrepair, abandoned by all, until Dr. Bradley & family saw it, and fell in love with this unique mansion. Described as a “hulking, deserted, white elephant”, vandals had taken over and had trashed the inside, and had broken over 100 windows. Despite its disastrous shape, the Bradleys felt “a quiet feeling of security there”, and bought this ultimate fixer-upper opportunity. They immediately started a massive restoration project, to bring the Bradmar Tudor Manor back into mint condition, sparing no time or expense, in a similar attitude/manner as the original builders had felt.

The manor’s bricks were of the finest quality, imported from England, as were the gigantic hinges on the 3 inch thick, solid oak doors. The drawing room has 30 ft long timber beams, 15 inches deep, & 18 inches high.

This mansion has a great hall, with a marble floor & offshoot halls, which divide/separate the mansion into 2 complete wings, which are connected on the second floor by a balcony that crosses between the stair cases. Dr. & Mrs. Bradley claimed the suites in the second floor wing, which are over the first floor drawing room and solarium. The wing on the other side of the great hall has on the first floor, the library, dining room, butler’s pantry and kitchen. Over these rooms, on the second floor, are the guest rooms.

On the first floor, past the kitchen, one can find the breakfast room, utility rooms, halls, and finally the back entrance. The Bradleys’ 3 teenage sons lived in the old servants’ quarters located above these back rooms.





One of the first incidents experienced had the purpose of letting the living know that they had unseen house mates.

While the floors were being sanded, when they first moved in, all were sleeping in Dr. & Mrs. Bradleys’ suites, way in front of the manor. The interior decorator, Mrs. Bradley’s cousin, who was living with them, was awakened by the slamming of the back door, that was downstairs, clear in the other wing. The slamming door, echoing throughout the manor, had been carefully locked, as had all the other doors.

Concerned, the interior decorator started to hear the shuffling sound of bedroom slippers, that older women like to wear. He went to the balcony, to see if anyone was in the great hall below. The moonlight from the undraped windows shown brightly upon the marble floor, making it very bright, and easy to see clearly in the hall.

When the shuffling entered the great hall, he felt a tingling sensation/chill of the unseen presence. Feeling afraid, he bellowed at the unseen entity, “Ethel, if what I’m doing to the house isn’t satisfactory, you better tell me, before it’s too late!”

The shuffling stopped, so he went back to bed, a little shaken. While lying there on his bed, he heard the shuffling start up again, going toward the back door, and then heard the slamming of the door once again.

Some unseen entity wasn’t pleased at first about the fact that electricity was being restored. When the electrician was putting in new wiring, some entity kept foiling his attempts, even undoing the braided cable, that was carefully, and expertly fed through the conduit, and properly connected.



From the beginning the electricity and bell system seemed to have “a life of its own.” Lights would go on and off at will; sometimes with self- moving light switches, sometimes not. Bells sounded in the middle of the night, which included the maid’s bell in the kitchen as well. Sometimes at night, the family heard footsteps walking throughout the house, with the lights going on and off, as the footsteps traveled from room to room. The wiring was checked, but nothing was found to be amiss.

Lights in the chandelier in the library would flare up brightly, as if to agree with a point made in conversation.

A psychic friend of the Bradleys was visiting with them in the library. As soon as she walked in, the lights “practically danced,” flaring up bright, then dimming, then flaring right back up . After she left, the lights calmed down.

Before going to work one early morning, Dr. Bradley went to the drawing room to light his cigar with the weighted, bulky metallic lighter on the table. Imagine his surprise, when the lighter gently arose by itself up in the air, and floated slowly through the air, landing softly about a foot away on its side, without making a sound.

A massive, heavy bronze chandelier which hung in the great hall, bobbed up and down on its long chain, sometimes as hard as it could go. The Bradleys had reinforced the ceiling clasp, so it won’t jerk itself lose.

While practicing on the baby grand piano in the drawing room, the youngest son, was surprised to see the top 4 keys in the right hand being played without any help from him.



Mrs. Bradley looked into her purse for a handkerchief she knew she had put in it. She closed the purse, and opened it again, to find 3 green, plastic mermaids, about 2 inches high, lying on top of her missing handkerchief.

While raking trash in the front yard, the Bradleys’ middle son saw out of the corner of his eye, a thing floating very slowly through the air, softly landing on the ground. It was a green apple tied to a wire, described as a very weird object. There was no place that it could’ve come from normally.

The Bradleys had really particular tastes when it came to Christmas decorations; only the first-rate, top-notch ones would do.

When getting Christmas decorations down from the attic, they found an unknown box, labeled Halloween Lollipops, and inside there were 6 crudely made pottery angels, who were inelegant, fat, and dumpy; not the sort of thing the Bradleys would ever consider purchasing.

When a friend of theirs, pointed out to them, that the angels looked pregnant, the Bradleys’ attitude changed toward these unattractive angels, as Dr. Bradley was an obstetrician.



When the problems with the lights were first happening, Dr. Bradley had a meeting with a famous medium, Arthur Ford, at Ford’s home. This medium went into a trance, and told him that an elderly couple had lived by themselves for a long time in the mansion. As she liked the place to be completely dark, the wife kept all the blinds pulled over the manor’s many windows, keeping everything in the dark. When her husband would have enough of living in the dark, he would angrily go all over the mansion, snapping on the lights. But she would follow right behind him, snapping the lights off again. The medium told Dr. Bradley that they were still doing it. After this meeting, the Bradleys invited the former head housekeeper over for a visit. She immediately noticed how bright and sunny the inside of the manor was, and told how her former mistress insisted on having a dark house.

As mentioned before, the Bradleys had kept careful records of all the incidents, and had discovered that overtime something out of the established pattern happened, it meant that something was about to happen. The following two examples make this point.

When Mrs. Bradley heard big explosive sounds coming from her cabinets at night, she knew that the next day was going to be a lulu.

After the lights had come on by themselves 5 mornings in a row, at 4:30 a.m., the Bradley boys became very ill, but they did recover.

It seems that the spirits of the former owners became fond of the Bradleys, despite their annoying love of having a bright home, instead of a dark one. The Bradleys loved Woodburn Manor, as much as the former owners, which must have endeared the whole family to these entities, who had chosen to remain, and participate in their lives, while watching over them at the same time.

Dr. Bradley did write a book about their experiences, called Psychic Phenomena: Revelations and Experiences, which expounds on his personal theories.



Yes, the entities of Ethyl and Hubert Work are still haunting the place. Dr. Bradley sold the mansion in 1980. The people who bought it didn’t stay long, but the mansion is now owned by people willing to live with eccentric ghosts.

The property was sold to a private golf club that is mostly open during the day and early evening, leaving the home to the spirits at night.



4100 South University Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80210

Bradmar Tudor Manor can be found in a large and exclusive, well-to-do, sparsely populated area in the countryside, outside the city in Denver, Colorado. The Manor is located at the end of a long road, that is lined with giant cottonwood trees. It is privately owned, so respect the owner’s privacy.


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