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Fort Pulaski

Restless spirits of some of the poorly treated POWs are still in captivity. A spirit of a Conferderate officer appeared as a solid, life-like figure by an environmental trigger. Both Union and Confederate soldiers in spirit form are still on duty here.

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Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Spirits of well-known patrons are still gazing at the views, taste-testing drinks and enjoying the hotel amenities. An employee tries to continue in service despite not having a real body.

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Idaho State University

Frazier Hall has its spectral music and drama enthusiasts who find ways to entertain themselves. Graveley Hall – Is home to a friendly, helpful entity and perhaps some not so happy spirits who rashly acted.

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Idaho State Penitentiary

A spectral prison for upset spirits still stuck in their guilt, suffering, shame & humiliation of the worst kind, and brutal deaths.

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Hickory Hill Mansion

A dastardly Salt Refinery owner went into the slave breeding business on the side… His attic is one of the scariest places in America!

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