Lucky’s Tavern (formerly Coyote Ugly Saloon)

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The spirit of a gangster with uncultured character has moved inside.

He is a volunteer staff supervisor with a rough style, and is a bit cheeky.

Other spirits keep him company.



The Lucky’s Tavern (formerly Coyote Ugly Saloon) is one of several businesses located in this large rectangular brick and wood building that takes up a block. While Lucky’s Tavern (formerly Coyote Ugly Saloon) does have a separate bar area from its pub where food is served for everyone, it still has the spirit of probably former bars of this area.

This section of old Fort Lauderdale probably started out as a commercial area, with various shops; selling wares, food and supplies. As times changed, it became the home of adult entertainment, for gaming, drinking, eating a fine meal and having a good time, on a night out on the town, perhaps beginning when the gangster element invaded Ft. Lauderdale in the 20s and 30s, as they did in other Florida towns. They probably had some “business ventures” in this entertainment field, bringing black market liquor during prohibition, setting up gaming and prostitution. We know that Ivy Stranahan’s brother fell into bad company, becoming friends with the gangster crowd, developed a love of booze and prostitutes and eventually died of TB, caught from a prostitute. (Stranahan House)

Today, it is a good area, with a variety of shops in this section of town. Tourists walk through it because it is so close to the Historical Village and the Old Fort Lauderdale Museum.



Sometimes a person who cares deeply for their business or property, still feels the need to stay behind in this world, and continue to manage the living, sometimes disciplining the current employees/the living for perceived wrong-doing.

In the late 1920s/1930s, the story goes that a gangster was shot in front of this building, killed perhaps by an unsatisfied business partner, or by a jealous competitor for a girl’s attention, or perhaps another gangster with temper issues.

Or, perhaps a competing gang wanted to take over the neighborhood, having missed that day in school when how to be competitive in business was taught.

Unfortunately, death doesn’t give any redeeming qualities to an individual who was a rough character in life.



Paraphrased from John Marc Carr’s book, Haunted Fort Lauderdale, which you should buy to get the full story.

A Female entity,

Dressed in a long Victorian attire, has been seen floating down back hallway of this building.


A Male Entity or two, with self-control issues:

A bouncer who was waiting for the manager to finish her tallies for the night and close the bar, put his feet up and took a nap as it was late. He was roughly shoved awake by an unseen presence, and heard a disembodied voice telling him to wake up!

Women employees of the bar have been pinched on the behind by an unseen hand from a cheeky unseen presence.

Bouncers have been slugged hard in the stomach by an unseen male presence.


Probably, but no hard evidence has been gathered yet. Having a few more reported experiences would also help to validate the paranormal activity. This haunting was brought to light by paranormal investigator John Marc Carr, and his book is excellent. Hopefully Mr. Carr or someone else will do an investigation of this place with the saloon owner’s permission, and let us know what is found out.

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214 SW Second Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

The Lucky’s Tavern (formerly Coyote Ugly Saloon) is located in the historical downtown area, on the corner of the intersection of SW Second Avenue and SW Second Street. It is just north of the Historical buildings, and around the corner from the Old Fort Lauderdale Museum of History (the former New River Inn Building).


  • Haunted Fort Lauderdale
    by John Marc Carr
    Haunted America/The History Press

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