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An entity with regrets stays in this place of comfort.

There are several theories as who this entity could be…

Better make a good impression.



This glorious, waterfront resort is the perfect place for an upscale holiday, offering many fine amenities as well as a choice of accommodations. The pictures of the resort on their website are very inviting.

It is obvious that the parent company has worked very hard to offer a top-notch resort. One can choose from among its one hundred rooms and suites. Some accommodations offer views of Duval St. on one side of the resort, while on the other side there are views of the Gulf of Mexico where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Each guest room and suite is individually decorated, and each has its own balcony. Room amenities include: iPod docking stations, LCD televisions, complimentary wireless Internet access, satellite programming, partially open bathrooms with showers, designer toiletries and hair dryers.

The Key West Ocean Key Resorts offer more than an upscale hotel, as they have amenities that put this establishment into the resort category. There is a full-service spa on site, SpaTerre, that offers the complete menus of services: body massages, body treatments and facials.

Concerning their dining opportunities, their website states: “From fine dining to poolside lounging, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the best of Florida and Caribbean cuisine at one of our three Restaurants: Hot Tin Roof, LIQUID, and Sunset Pier.”

All three places have marvelous views.

There are recreational amenities as well, including an outdoor pool and a 24-hour fitness center. There is also a marina that guests can use and enjoy boat rides and other water activities.



What a great location! Being right on the water and near the tourist magnets such as Mallory Square, made this area a very popular place to build structures through the eras that were home to residents and businesses alike.

In the 1970s and 1980s, historical buildings were torn down in many parts of the country, including Key West. Modern buildings were constructed without any thought to the character of the historical buildings around it.

In 1982, Key West was discovered and deemed to b e a glorious place for a time-share vacation spot. During the ’80’s, time-share properties became very popular with people who could share the expense with someone else who wanted to vacation in the same area. This was before people realized how hard it is to get out of a time-share situation.

Some enterprising developer bought the property where Ocean Key Resorts now stands, tore down whatever was originally built there, and got to work. The first modern structure, REFLECTIONS Time-Share, was built on this ideal location spot in 1982. It was a high-rise building containing sixty-eight time-share condominium units. This first building looked out of place, being that it was located beside historical buildings; places as old as Key West itself!

Just seven years later in 1989, Reflections was renovated into a one hundred room hotel, then called The Ocean Key House Hotel. Unfortunately, petroleum was found underneath this hotel, causing some expense to the owners. It was probably dumped there during an earlier time.

During the 1990s, more improvements and amenities were offered to keep up with its competition. A marina was purchased for the use of guests, and along came a name change to reflect this new amenity: The Ocean Key House Suite and Marina.

In 1998, this promising property was bought by Noble House Hotels, who own resorts and fine hotels all over the United States. The Ocean Key House Suite and Marina officially became part of The Noble House Resorts Collection on July of 2003.

When a new Noble House signature spa, called SpaTerre was opened here in 2005, this resort was renamed Ocean Key Resort and Spa.



An entity with regrets, and wistful memories has chosen to stay in one of the third floor suites that overlooks Duval Street. Not much is known about it. It is not known when these paranormal incidents started, as no one at the resort is talking. Perhaps they don’t want ghost stories about their place of business to be well known, as they could scare away guests. There are some educated guesses or theories as to who it might be.


Sometimes spirits who are displaced because their cherished home or special earthly place has been knocked down by the wrecking ball, choose to stay and inhabit the new structure built upon the land of their former home.

Capitol Record Building, TN (After two sisters died in their forever home, it was sold and torn down to make room for the new office building for Capitol Records. When this new ugly structure opened for business, guess who moved into it as well?).

Rialto Theatre, IL (The theatre stands on land that was once a farm property. Spirits who lived in the farmhouse have moved inside the theatre and have great enthusiasm for the new owner’s dreams).

Key West Ocean Key Resort & Spa, FL (The spirit in question could be the resident of an earlier structure, which might have been built on this land before the modern condos. It is a prime piece of real estate that is located right by the water).


Former spirits who lived or vacationed in a structure, may decide to spend their afterlives there, trying to work through their restlessness in their favorite suite. They may be remembering better times, or mourning sad moments, dwelling on regrets from their time in life.

Jekyll Island Club Resort, GA (Former patrons have decided to spend their afterlives here in their favorite spot).

The Roosevelt Hotel, CA (Many well-known spirits who once enjoyed staying here while alive, still do, looking for peace).

Ocean Key Resort & Spa, FL (It could be a former inhabitant of one of the original condo units; a time-share vacationer who isn’t letting death get in the way of his eternal vacation).


When renovations are made to an older building, the entities who were attached to the original structure, sometimes still stick around. Though they are not always happy with the new changes, they are willing to roll with the punches.

Grapevine Farms, NY (The spirit of the original farmer and his wife admire the business that has moved into their house, and love all the restoration efforts. They don’t like all the children’s toys in their former bedroom, but tolerate the owners’ decision to repurpose the room).

Bull’s Head Inn Restaurant, NY (The spirit of temperance leader Gracie Taylor Steacy had a lot to tolerate when a bar and brewery were set up in her old bedroom. She still has outbursts, but has mellowed in her demonstrations).

Ocean Key Resort & Spa, FL (It could be a former guest of this resort who may have reservations about some of the people who stay in his or her room. On occasion, this spirit has been assertive and tries to get the living out of the room).



The following alleged paranormal incidents have been reported and circulated by former guests of the resort.

Better Arrangement

A spirit likes to rearrange things more to its liking.

During the night, items left on the bureau are moved around.

This is an unobtrusive way to announce its presence.

Unseen Personal Appearances

Chilling cold spots are felt during daylight hours.

Guests have felt an unseen presence very close to them.

On one occasion guests awake to an unseen presence, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Though they can’t see it, they feel the weight of the entity.

Auditory Activity

A disembodied voice expresses the regrets of this unseen presence.

In this suite, wistful sighs are heard from an unseen, sad and perhaps lonely presence.

The sound of jingling keys is also heard.

I Am Here!

I like it this way.

The entity likes to turn lights on and off, and move the curtains, always changing what was done by the guests.

When guests return to their room, the lights and curtains are never the same.

This happens in both the daylight and evening hours.

Fit of Temper

Posted 6/2/20 on

If this spirit doesn’t like you, more scary activity can be the result. Here is the account of one couple who shared their scary experiences with this spirit who wanted them out.

“I stayed here in 2015. Our room was on the 3rd floor and faced Duval Street.”

“We left to go out for the night and when we returned, the french doors on the balcony were wide open and our room was ransacked.”

“Clothes everywhere, our stuff was thrown around the room. I called the front desk, but they assured me no one was in the room and being that nothing was missing, I didn’t make an issue of it and brushed it off and blamed it on the wind blowing open the doors.”

Get Out Now!

THE STORY CONTINUES – “Later on that night, around 3 AM I heard a loud clap right next to my ear. I immediately awoke and thought I was dreaming. I turned over and I looked at my cellphone on the night table to check the time.”

“I felt a big chill and i heard the clap again as if someone had clapped their hand right next to my ear. I shrieked and woke up my wife who also felt a presence. Needless to say, we did not sleep the rest of the night and could not wait for morning. Thankfully that was the worst of it.”


Guests who stay in this third floor suite have reported startling paranormal experiences. If this spirit doesn’t like you, activity can become quite scary indeed, though not harmful.

Though the owners of this resort deny any such spirit in the third floor suite, they may have to call in a private paranormal group with a medium if this scary behavior becomes more frequent. Stories like this will eventually become public, as such hauntings always do.



Probably so.

While no hard evidence has been made known to the general public, guests who have stayed in this suite have reported their personal experiences with this entity to websites and authors. From mild to moderate to scary but not harmful activity has been witnessed, depending on whether you make a good or bad impression. The spirit wants some control on who will be in his or her room.

A medium should be brought in to ask the spirit what they want, and make a deal with them.



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