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Staff find themselves being hosts to gentle company who
find ways to amuse themselves that can be annoying.



The Capitol Records building is a well-kept, very modern, plain gray office building with 11 floors. It sits on the corner of West End Avenue and Acklen Park Drive. While Capitol Records is located on the 11th floor, other businesses are paying rent to Capitol Records for the space in the building.




Before the Capitol Records building was built on this plot of land, the most magnificent mansion in Nashville stood at this location, built by Jacob Schnell around 1900. However, for some un-remembered reason, his daughters were rudely snubbed by the elite of the community. If one was to speculate, perhaps it was an issue of old money verses new money, mental illness or religion. This cruel rejection hurt the daughters and deeply affected them. The girls grew up traumatized and never left the care of their father. When their father died, they became reclusive, and let the house slowly slip into a decrepit state.

After they had both passed on, the home was sold to Capitol Records, who hired people to tear down the once magnificent mansion. However, the mansion was by then a far-gone fixer-upper which no concerned preservationist wanted to attempt to renovate.

On this site, Capitol Records had an eleven story, modern, and very plain gray office building built to house its company and other businesses. Over the years, other companies have moved onto various floors, but Capitol Records is still on the 11th floor of the building.



Two Sisters

Two gentle female entities of the sisters have made themselves at home on the 11th floor, suite 11.

They have found activities to keep themselves amused; to mildly make themselves known.

General Activity

Employees hear footsteps going down the hall when no one living was there.

Doors open and close all by themselves.

Items are moved around and put in odd places.

Unlocked doors are locked to the annoyance of the living.

Electrical gadgets and equipment prove to be irresistible to these entities, who like to play with them.


Yes indeed.

When spirits haunt a place, they sometimes stay and haunt the land, or move into the new structure which was built on the site. (See The Willard Library in IN, Kolb Ridge Court Housing Development (Georgia). Not only was their beloved home torn down, a cold, modern, (some would say ugly) building was built in its place, to add insult to injury. They blame Capitol Records, and have moved onto the 11th floor to be with the company so to speak who did the deed.

At one point, a psychic came to investigate, and felt a great sadness throughout the 11th floor suite. The sisters can’t let go of the pain they felt from the rejection they received. (Perhaps they were a little mentally ill to begin with, which could’ve been the main factor of this rejection.)

The sisters are in mourning for the destruction of their home, and that such an inelegant building was built here.



3322 West End Avenue # 11
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

The Capitol Records building is located on West End Avenue, between Acklen Park Drive and Murphy Road. It sits on the corner of West End Avenue and Acklen Park Drive. Take 440 to West End Avenue Turn right if you are going north, or left if you are going south. Take West End Avenue. When you cross Murphy Road, you are getting close.



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