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Gettysburg Hotel

Once a Civil War Hospital, some of the soldiers who died here as well as their nurses still go about their business, and sometime entertain themselves as well at the expense of the living.

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Harmony Inn

Approving the restorations, spirits are friendly presences supporting the living.

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Jean Bonnet Inn

Two wayward bad ones were executed here and buried on the property. Their graves were disturbed…

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Lightner Farm

My death was awful, a big disappointment to me.

So, let’s have a little fun and find ways to amuse ourselves.

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Logan Inn

Spirits and residual energy are active from the Revolutionary War. Several characters enjoy their after life here; trying to forget their violent demise. An infamous spirit still shows up for his meal and beer!

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Mishler Theatre

The friendly spirit of Issac Mishler is front and center in his beloved theatre, with a strong interest in what is going on.

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National Aviary

Past Confederate POWs or inmates now love this marvelous place; they find peace and enjoyment.

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