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A kind, helpful spirit has been a positive presence in existing businesses here.

This spirit is waiting for a loved one to return.


Unfortunately, the business that was in this historic building, Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant went belly up, and the property is in foreclosure.

This 3 story, 8066 sq. ft. wood and brick building is a lovely mix of Victorian/Italianate style 1850-1890, with a covered porch on the second floor, facing Village Road. The second and third floors, that had been used as guest rooms for the hotel, have been renovated into a very nice living space; 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and 2 half bath, with a fireplace, modern kitchen, hot tub, and separate kitchen.

The first floor has long been used as some sort of tavern/restaurant throughout its long history as a commercial space. The five 1850-’90 Victorian dining rooms, complete with burnished tin ceilings in two of the rooms, the original bar and fireplace have survived time and the various owners of this property.

This building that was home to Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant for 30 years was built in 1850, to replace another wooden building that had stood on this spot. This new, 1850 building became home to the Guthsville Hotel and also was used as a stagecoach stop, bringing in travelers looking for a meal and a place to spend the night.

In 1860, the property was bought by the Mr. and Mrs. Evans, who had a teen daughter, Magnolia, and perhaps other children as well, who took over the ownership of the Guthsville Hotel. When the Civil War began, Mr. Evans joined the Union Army, rising in the ranks to become a general and colonel.

In 1890, it was revamped and renovated to modernize, and update the building, to better attract and serve its customers. Perhaps it was enlarged as well to bring in more business.

Throughout the years, it continued to be a hotel and restaurant. When it was bought in the 1980s, the owners renamed it Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant. For awhile, it was a bed and breakfast, and Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant. In its later years, the second and third floors became living quarters for the owners, with the first floor being the home of their commercial restaurant.

It shouldn’t be vacant long, as its location is in prime spot. It is zoned for professional/commercial offices, retail; including clothing, gifts, art, crafts, Barber/Hair/Nail Salon, a Church, Day care, Florist.



Heart-broken women who have lost what they think is the love of their life, sometimes have difficulty letting go of this world, and still want to wait and see if their beloved will return.

Magnolia was a sweet loving soul with a big heart, and had a gentle spirit, gifts that were an asset to her hospitality skills. When the Civil War broke out, Mr. Evans joined the Union army, leaving his daughter, Magnolia, unsupervised, and his wife behind to run the hotel.

One day, when Magnolia was taking a walk along Vineyard Road, she came across a handsome man, wearing a bloodied Confederate uniform. She agreed to hide him in one of the out buildings on their property, taking care of his wound, and sneaking food from the kitchen, to feed him. They fell in love. Uh Oh!

When he had recovered from his wound, and it was time for him to rejoin the fight, they pledged their hearts to each other, and slept together as husband and wife. Before leaving, he promised to come back and marry her after the war. He never made it back, and Magnolia never stopped waiting for him, spending the rest of her life as a single woman. Eventually, Magnolia’s secret came out, and people talked about her, but Magnolia didn’t care, as she never regretted her love for him. Magnolia remained the sweet, loving person she had always been, and continued to serve others, despite having a broken heart, suffering loneliness from a loss of her special beloved.


Past owners, staff and patrons have all had experiences with Magnolia for years, reporting many personal experiences.

However, there seems to be no hard evidence caught by anyone, to back up any of these experiences. Nothing has been shared online or in print that I can find that offers EVPs, or other hard evidence.

Active & Playful Entity of Magnolia Evans

She presents herself in various ways as a young woman in her teens – Described by the past owners and staff as a very active, playful spirit.

Staff and guests have heard their names called by a disembodied female voice.

The owners have heard the sound of something being dragged down the stairs. Nothing is ever found.

Candles have been mysteriously blown out, after just having been lit by the living. Candles that have been blown out by the living will suddenly relight themselves.

Objects tend to move about the dining room without any help from the living. A table cloth once shook itself at a staff member.

Favorite Places to Appear

Her existence has been noticed by many past owners, staff members and occasionally the patrons and guests over the years.

For years, people have reported seeing her standing in the old orchard; now part of the building’s parking lot.

Her apparition has been seen walking along Vineyard Road, and Jordan Creek as well.

People have seen her briefly out of the corners of their eyes, in various part of the building.

She has been seen looking out of the building’s second story windows, probably located in the covered porch area.


Helpful & Kind

Usually, when the owners’ young children would get out of school, they would wait across the street, on Village Road, until their mother from the second floor windows, would beckon them on when she saw that it was safe.

One day, the children came into the building, surprising their mother. They told her that they saw a woman standing on the second floor, who had motioned to them through the window, giving them the signal to cross the street when it was safe.

They thought it was their mother, and didn’t realize that it was the spirit, Magnolia, trying to be kind and helpful.


Perhaps so, but not sure. The last owners claimed to have found her diary pages in the Evans family Bible, that was uncovered when the owners removed a wall on one of the upper floors. It proves the urban legend about her as being true, and not just a fable.

As the most recent owners have moved out, and the building is empty of trigger restaurant props, this spirit may go back to just walking the roads, parking lot and Jordan Creek. However, she may still want to get a better view of the roads from inside the building, and may go to her favorite spots on the second floor. If she likes the new owners, she may decide to come back in and be a part of the new business, if the new owners don’t decide to bless the building.



2204 Village Road
Orefield, PA 18069
(610) 395-1233

Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant building can be found at the corner of Huckleberry Road and Village Road, in Orefield, PA, about 1 hour and 15 minutes southeast of New Hope.



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