Haunted Locations in

New Hampshire

Tuck Museum Complex

Spirits who were mistreated badly often seek restitution. Spirits can stick around to enjoy what they lost in their earthly life. Spirits who loved their peace and comfort place can come back.

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Henniker House

A retired pirate’s wife is still a helpful Lady of the House. Her husband is buried under the hearthstone.

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Rockingham Hotel

Guilt, worry and regret about actions done can cause restlessness. A spirit who may have died from an accident can’t accept its death. Untrue accusations made against people can still sear their spirits.

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Portsmouth Sheafe Street Inn

Spirits with a goal that is abruptly squashed by death, can try to finish it. A territorial past owner shows disapproval and jumps into old habits. A spectral spirit who loved to cook likes to relive its past and supervise.

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Sise Inn

A couple finds annoying ways to amuse themselves. A male entity still thinks he is a playboy.

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