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A couple finds annoying ways to amuse themselves.

A male entity still thinks he is a playboy!



This 1881 Queen Anne style mansion-turned-inn, has three stories, a ground floor, plus a “bright atrium,” that was part of the contemporary addition that was added on by the owners, when the old mansion was renovated and made into an inn, in 1986.

The inside of the now upscale Sise Inn features beautiful butter wood paneling, a Victorian atmosphere, complete with lovely antique furniture that fills every room, and complements the modern touches added; like a brass elevator door.




This 1881 mansion was originally built by a wealthy businessman, John Sise, for himself and his family.

It was in continuous use as a private residence until the mid-1930s, when it began to be used for business and professional services. The mansion itself served as business offices, a doctor’s suite of offices, a beauty parlor, a fashion shop, apartments, and a half-way house for mental patients.



The following incidences were reported by Sise Inn personnel, guests, and a former mental patient. They suggest that a male and perhaps a female entity are unseen guests in this classy inn.

Suite 204

Suite 204 on the third floor, and the area around it seems to be the favorite haunt of one or two entities. They seem to enjoy playing with the ice machine, throwing ice, and have the compelling need to lock and unlock the doors, much to the annoyance of the living.

All rooms were securely locked when not being used by guests. On a night when there were no guests on the third floor, the desk clerk heard the ice machine on the third floor working. She went up to investigate, and found a trail of ice leading from the ice machine into the then open door of suite 204, where the remainder of the ice taken lay in a heap on the floor, with not a seen human presence anywhere near the third floor.

At 2 o’clock in the morning, guests in suite 204 found that their key wouldn’t work in the lock. The experienced desk clerk couldn’t open the locked door either. The manager had to come over but had no luck with his emergency key. Because all the rooms had been rented that night, a locksmith was called at 4 o’clock in the morning. Oddly, the locksmith had no trouble opening the room with the couple’s original key, when he tried it. Some entity wanted a private moment in the suite, or was trying to lock some unknown foe out.

The key to this suite 204 was constantly missing, unlike the other keys that occasionally were taken by mistake by guests. This suite 204 key was always mailed back to the Sise Inn.

Paranormal Activity in Other Rooms

A rather cheeky male entity likes to go up behind an unsuspecting maid cleaning up a room, and put his hands gently on her hips.

One maid felt herself being pulled gently into a closet by an amorous, unseen male presence.

Various maids have walked through cold spots in rooms that have no physical explanation, and find themselves having trouble with door locks that worked fine the last time they tried to unlock these same doors.

One female guest, while lying on her bed, felt an unseen presence lay down next to her, pushing down the other side of the bed.

An unnerved guest asked for a new room, when the potted plant suddenly flew off the coffee table in his old room. While he was reading, he heard a noise, looked up and saw this amazing sight; a flying potted plant.

The Elevator is known to go up and down at will, with the door opening and closing by itself.

A small rocker, located next to the check-in desk, has been known to deliberately rock by itself.

A clerk was startled to find the big, seldom used scissors that are kept under the desk, lying on top of the desk, after just a quick trip to the parlor, only a few feet away from the desk, and within hearing distance. He would’ve heard if a living person had moved them.

One afternoon, a peculiar looking man came into the inn and asked the clerk if the lady ghost was still there. Perhaps an entity had appeared to him during his stay at the half-way house.

Other Entities

It is rumored that a butler of John Sise fell in love with a maid. But when their relationship went sour, he killed this maid and then hung himself in the room, now known as Suite 204. There is no factual evidence that this ever happened.

A known murder happened two houses down from the Sise Inn, way back in 1905. A man murdered his wife. Maybe the woman and/or her murderous husband decided to move down to the Sise house, as entities have seemed to do in other instances.

However, those kind of entities who die violently, or do violent deeds, typically are in more pain, and tend to lash out at the living, or relive the circumstances of their death over and over again, unable to find peace without help from a medium, psychic or para-psychologist. It is possible that the woman entity could be trying to lock her murderous husband out of the room, before he killed her, which could explain the door lock and key problems. However, there are no feelings of fear/rage picked up by guests, and no screams for help have been heard. She just may feel Sise House is a safe haven, and may not realize that she is dead.

This male entity, however, seems to think of himself as a ladies man, and basically teases the living, while enjoying the electrical toys; the elevator and ice machine. He may be locking the doors to insure privacy while re-experiencing a previous amorous Rendezvous.


Yes, the above manifestations still mystify, annoy, amuse the living as they share the Sise Inn with these ghostly presences. Whoever these entities are, they enjoy the Sise Inn, and the owner is willing to put up with their personal habits and preoccupation with ice, keys and locked doors, as no effort has been made to send them to the other side.

While these entities can annoy the living, they don’t generally try to scare anyone out of the inn; just want to get a little attention, to let the living know that they are there.




40 Court Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

The Sise Inn can be found in the small, charming New England seaport town of Portsmouth, which is 15 miles north of the Mass. State line, and about 60 miles north of Boston, off Route 95.

Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr.

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