Admiral Hawley’s House

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A family got into some trouble with the original owner, now in spirit form.



The house was built by Admiral Hawley and his wife. This white house has three stories, and a wooden porch that goes around it on it’s three sides.

Admiral Hawley, and his wife, were a fussy, difficult couple. He would chase off anyone who happened to be on his property grounds. The admiral died in 1933. In 1935, the house, called “Miz ‘n Top” by the admiral, was sold by his daughter to the J Family.

When Mr. and Mrs. J decided to turn the attic into a club room for their son, E. J. & his friends, the occurrences began. The parents cut windows into the wall and threw out all the possessions of the admiral they had found in the attic, which was all very upsetting to the unseen occupant.



E. J.’s Experiences

Right after these above mentioned actions, footsteps and other sounds began to be heard in the attic & along the corridors & stairs leading toward it.

When the son, E. J., slept in the attic room for the first time, he heard almost nightly heavy foot steps and heavy objects being moved across the floor overhead, and down the hall.

Many years later, E. J. was living in the house with his own family. When going up the stairs to the club room to get a book, E. J. walked into a thing, like a warm, wet blanket that touched him physically.

A house guest saw the door knob of the door, leading to the club room, turn by itself before he touched it.

Psychic Research

A medium brought into the house at once sensed the vibrations of the admiral and came into contact with him.

He indeed resented the new owners throwing out his things, and had wanted the house to go to his son.

The Admiral was asked not to upset the family now living in the house. He answered that he was a tidy person and would take care of himself.

He seemed to be secretly pleased that Holzer and company had come all the way from New York to talk to him.





Admiral Hawley’s House is located at Whitefield, New Hampshire, and it stands in an isolated patch of the forest, at the end of a narrow, winding, tree-lined driveway.

Visitors are not welcome as the house is privately owned, and privacy is much valued, especially in New England.

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