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Anchuca Mansion

Forbidden love caused a restless, resentful spirit. The spirits of a Confederate soldier and of a slave also enjoy the property.

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Cedar Grove Mansion

Joint has traditionally been jumping because family graves were moved.
An accident, a fatal illness and Sids have caused paranormal activity.

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King’s Tavern

Paranormal activity is connected to murders caused by adultery, cruelty, and probably greed. Most of the remains remained hidden until the 1930s’.

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Longwood Mansion Museum

That is my bed and I’m still using it.

Reminders are needed when docents forget.

I can still admire the mansion’s exterior, and the gardens are beautiful.

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McRaven House

This lively crew of spirits include a murdered highwayman, a teen who died from childbirth, two mischievous spirit boys, Mr & Mrs Bob and the Murray sisters.

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