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Violence produced restless spirits: murder/suicide, and a tragic duel.



This brick chapel is a Gothic-style masterpiece, complete with a pointed arch front doorway and with sharply-tipped windows. This chapel was built by Mrs. Margaret Johnston, in memory of her husband, and was finished in 1855, complete with French stained glass windows, a pipe organ, a baptismal font made from one stone, altar and communion rail.

One hundred and fifty years later, Chapel of the Cross is going strong as a congregation, actively practicing their Christian faith, offering opportunities to serve Christ and grow in the Christian faith.

“The Chapel of the Cross welcomes all to our Web site and to our church in the glade. The Chapel grounds are generally open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The parish family invites newcomers to visit with us on-line and on-site and to please contact us if we may provide additional information or assistance.”



Accidents, disease epidemics, and premature birth were killers of children before the invention of vaccines, and advancements in treating premature babies.  Accidents still kill kids today, but perhaps parents now are more aware of the hazards.

Palace Hotel, WA (Some of the prostitutes gave premature birth to babies who died and were buried in the basement).

Bodie Ghost Town, CA (A little girl, daughter of a shopkeeper was killed in an accident, getting too close to a pick axe while a man was working).

Gruber House, OH (Three children who lived here died of Cholera).

Chapel of the Cross, MS (A pastor and his wife who are buried between the old and new chapel, were unlucky with their children. Several died in their childhood, and a pair of twins were probably premature).

A broken heart in this lifetime can cause hauntings in the next of spirits who can’t let go of their pain.

Deerfield Burial Ground, MA (During an Indian Attack, a black, pregnant maid and two of her young charges were slaughtered  by either a Frenchman or a warrior.  Once a year, the spirit of this unfortunate maid comes backs to the burial ground and weeps for her unborn baby, herself and her charges).

Whaley House, CA (The Whaley’s daughter suffered deep depression and grief when her new husband turned out to be a real scoundrel who married her not because he loved her, but as a way to hide from the law. She still weeps today as a spirit).

Edgewood Bed and Breakfast, VA ( Spirit of a young woman still grieves for her beloved who was killed in the Civil War, and still waits for him to return to her).

Chapel of the Cross, MS (In 1857, the daughter of Mrs. Margaret Johnson, Helen was totally in love and engaged to be married to a Henry Vick, who was killed in a duel just a few days before the wedding. Helen spent hours at his grave, crying, talking to his grave stone. She finally was able to cope, after a trip to Europe, and later married a minister).

A Murder and then a suicide of the murderer often can be the cause of a haunting.

Plains Hotel, WY (A bride on her honeymoon discovers that her husband was in bed with a prostitute that he had picked up in the hotel lobby.  In a rage of tears, the bride shot both of them, and then killed herseof).

Biltmore, FL (A married woman was caught by her husband in bed with her lover. The husband killed them both, and then may have shot himself or was hung for his crimes).

Broadview Hotel, KS (A husband caught his wife with her lover and shot them both, and flung himself off the side of the hotel).

Chapel of the Cross, MS (Many years ago, so the story goes, the caretaker, in charge of Chapel Of The Cross, mentally snapped, and chopped off the head of his mentally unbalanced wife, right there in the Chapel. After clearing up the bloody mess, the caretaker hung himself on the Chapel’s rafters).



Chapel of The Cross and part of its graveyard is locked up tightly at 6 p.m. to not only prevent vandalism, but to give the ghosts their privacy. Stories of the past explain some of the hauntings of this place, which is still a place for the spiritually restless.

Spirit of Helen

A young woman in her early 20s, is seen crying inconsolably near a young man’s grave, a Henry Vick.

She vanishes when the living approach her.

A part of her never was healed; her longing for her dear Henry.

It’s possible that what is seen is an emotional impression of this extremely painful time for grief-stricken Helen, or it could be her – still weeping and grieving, unable to let go and go to the other side.

Spirits of a Young Couple

Two apparitions were seen opening up the wooden door, going right through the locked iron gate, which protects the door, and climbing up a tree to sit together for a time before melting into thin air.

Maybe, these two spirits could be Helen and Henry, trying to live together on earth. No one knows who they are for sure.

Spirit of the Caretaker and His Wife

Non-stop, manic giggling fills the air at times, and blood stains appear now and then on the Chapel’s stone floor.

An apparition is seen going straight through the front wooden door and the locked iron gate protecting the door.

The Organ has been played late at night, when everything was locked up tight. The reason is unknown.

Spirit of an Organist

Child Spirits

Two child spirits see-through apparitions have been seen passing through the lock gate section.

They like to climb up one of  the trees and sit there together before they vanish.

Perhaps these two spirits are the spirits of the children who are buried between the old and new chapel, with their parents.


For years, people have witnessed the manifestations listed above.

There have been no reported paranormal investigations done here; perhaps private ones were done concerning the hauntings inside the old chapel. Investigations here are not allowed so that the spirits can have their privacy.


Most Probably so!

The spirits in the graveyard find peace here to try to calm their restless souls. The two children still climb the tree that they probably did while alive as their parents were in the Clergy here. The couple can be together again, and hopefully, this will help to heal the young lady’s broken heart at some point.




674 Mannsdale Road
Madison, Mississippi 39110

This 1852, Episcopal, Gothic Chapel is located on Highway 16, between the towns of Madison and Flora, in Madison County, Mississippi.


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