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Several spirits came along for the ride.

Human emotions of feeling secure, loving a place,
and inner desires have kept spirits here.



The two-story Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast can be found in a restored 1881 Victorian home, that once was one of Big Nose Kate’s bordellos in the last part of the 19th century and perhaps into the 20th. There are two new wings of rooms built in 2000, on either side of the original Victorian house.

While it is not an upscale fancy bed and breakfast like you would find in more refined American cities, it is spacious with a homey atmosphere and lots of antiques with a peaceful aura. It has the usual common rooms like the dining room, parlor, and library area, with nine guest rooms located on the second floor. All spaces have some lovely antiques.

There are no cheap furniture pieces that some modern places have for their guests. All nine guest rooms are “tastefully decorated with Victorian-era” decor and beautiful antique queen beds. All have private bathrooms, and a few have a balcony. The air conditioning works well.

The inn has the flexibility to meet the varying sleeping needs of guests. The bed and breakfast has a large premiere room with a “huge California King” for people who are more comfortable in a large, king size bed. For parties of three or four, aimed at families, three of their guest rooms are large enough for an additional twin-size roll-a-way bed.

The friendly owners are also the innkeepers and make their guests feel at home. Guests get a run-down on the history of the house, and can enjoy a wonderful breakfast in the morning. If the weather is warm, they may enjoy the swimming pool or hot tub and the beautiful yard as well.



Tombstone’s Red Light District was mostly located on East Allen Street and East Fremont Street, though most saloons all over Tombstone had a crib or two for sensual activities. For many men, this recreational activity was very important indeed. Of course, respectable people stayed away from these places. The Red Light District was basically aimed at the lower class of lonely men: miners and cowboys.

In 1880, Tombstone was jumping with miners, single men of all stations of life who yearned for the company of a woman who was willing to give sexual relief services for a price. There was a boatload of places with cribs for the ladies to perform sexual favors for men seeking relief in Tombstone. Most saloons had their own contributions for this service, though the atmosphere wasn’t very nice, just a space with a crib.

Big Nose Kate herself started out as a prostitute while a young woman out of necessity, but worked her way up to being a Madame and ran several sexual pleasure houses called Bordellos all over Tombstone, as well as owning her own saloon. She aimed this Bordello at those folks with money in their pockets, miners who struck it rich, and perhaps even those in the upper class.

These bordellos offered prime amenities like privacy, with no crowding of cribs into a large space with just a curtains separating the individual cribs. They were described by one source as being a place that “provided a friendly environment, where those who could afford amenities were well catered to.”

This bordello that existed in this lovely home was located on North 6th Street; a couple of blocks north of Fremont Street in the Red Light District. It was not actually on grungy East Allen Street, or East Fremont Street Big Nose Kate had this bordello built from scratch, and was solid and beautiful enough to evolve into a private home for families.

In its lovely Victorian atmosphere, this bordello offered a parlor, a place to gamble, and a private place on a real bed to have sexual desires fulfilled. Big Nose Kate treated the women who worked for her very well. Each prostitute had her own room, and was made to feel that she had a home. After the prostitute was chosen by one of the customers, they went upstairs to the lady’s private room. Customers of this bordello were willing to splurge their money on these amenities offered.Because it was located several blocks away from the downtown area, it escaped the devastating fires that burned down the town. It was open for business as long as there were lonely men to support this upscale house of prostitution,  even after Big Nose Kate left Tombstone. She left to follow her beloved Doc Holliday to Colorado, perhaps hoping to be reconciled with him before he died of TB.

In 1923, the Cochise County Seat was moved to Bisbee. The Tombstone City Council decided to do some redevelopment, and bought some of the land in the Red Light District, in order to build a needed high school. The owner of this Victorian home at the time didn’t want to see it destroyed, so he ponied up the money to have it moved clear across town to West Allen Street. Despite having a naughty past, a new history as a forever family home to several families began. In 2000, the house was prepared to once again become a commercial enterprise.

“In 2000, two wings were added to the original structure to create a 9-room bed and breakfast. The new additions were built on each side and a new roof was added over the entire complex, including the original 1881 house, which still stands intact in the center of the building — porch, balcony, roof and all.” Living guests apparently are not the only ones who love the house. Spirits call the place home as well.



When a structure is moved to another location, the spirits who are connected with it can come along for the ride.

HUGUENOT HOUSE, CT (When this house was moved to a heritage park, the spirits came along and became active, one spirit even tried to help in the restoration process to the point that the living crew gave him assignments).

Pioneer Living History Village, AZ (The spirits who were attached to the buildings which were moved to the village, or the items displayed inside them, came along and settled into their new location).

Hampton Lilibridge House, GA (The spirits who were attached to this house moved with it. Other spirits who were attached to the land at the new location moved right inside; one of them angry and murderous, one crabby but saved a workman’s life).

Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast, AZ (At least one spirit of a miner from the other location  still makes his presence known in bold ways. Several other spirits of prostitutes may be here as well).

Spirit of a miner: Why is he here? 

When a person dies near a structure, his or her spirit can move right into it in the afterlife.

Cuppa Coffee and More, Placerville, CA (A miner was murdered in the street right outside this establishment because he really annoyed a man with his joking around, a man with a short fuse. His spirit moved into this building).

Walker House, WI (An obnoxious murderer suffered a bad hanging where his head popped off in the process, right outside the Walker House. His spirit has moved right inside, carrying his head, becoming an unpleasant handful).

Rosson House Museum AZ (The Rosson House Museum’s caretaker was murdered in the early 1980s just outside the house museum by a punk gunman. He continues in his job as caretaker in spirit form).

Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast, AZ (The spirit of the miner who resides here was shot and killed in the yard because of a disagreement, possibly about a card game or one of the women inside).

A spirit who lost his/her life in this world because of risky or immoral behavior, may try to continue in this behavior when in spirit form. 

The DuPont Bed and Breakfast, KY (Alfred Victor DuPont’s secret lifestyle choices got him into some real trouble. As a spirit he tries to make amends while still giving unwanted attention to living women).

The Newhouse Hotel, CO (A prostitute would seduce men and then rob them. One of her clients killed her. For years when the hotel was a flophouse, she would try to do the same thing to the living, without much success). 

Carey House, CA (A rather cheeky, but dedicated male concierge can still flirt! Flirting and love of sex is what got him shot, but he is still attracted to living blonde women).

Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast, AZ (This miner while alive may have been a very good customer who loved to have sex with all the women, one of whom may have had other interested parties. The deadly fight that killed him could’ve been over a prostitute).

Prostitution was a risky way to make a living. Though selling sex was supposed to be just an unemotional transaction, love and attraction to the women could cause jealousy which could lead to death for one of the woman’s admirers or the woman herself.

The Slippery Noodle Inn, IN (A prostitute and the cowboy she was servicing were both shot by the prostitute’s boyfriend).

The White Eagle Pub and Inn, OR (A young prostitute fell in love with one of her customers. Fearing the wrath of the owner of the bar, she refused the marriage proposal of her boyfriend, who killed her in a rage).

The Original O’Henry’s Building, IL (A hapless bartender during the 1920s-‘30s fell in love with one of the prostitutes, who was considered by a pretty ruthless and cold gangster as his property. The bartender’s neck was broken and the prostitute was beaten to death, courtesy of the gangster involved).

Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast, AZ (Some of the spirits of women who worked in this bordello may have been killed here or gone to work for another brothel and ended up being killed there).

Sometimes the prostitute would fall for a client who promised to marry her and then changed his mind. The unhappy woman would then kill herself. Marriage was the only way a prostitute could leave this scorned-on profession. Some of the Earp brothers had married former prostitutes and Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate were in love.

The Palace Hotel, WA (Resident spirit the Lady in Blue is the spirit who killed herself because the man who promised to marry her got cold feet and didn’t show up to elope with her as planned).

The Copper Queen Hotel, AZ (“Female companion,” prostitute Julia Lowell fell in love, hook, line and sinker, at the age of thirty with a gentleman who didn’t share her feelings. Though he enjoyed her body, he rejected her as marriage material. In despair, she killed herself).

Dumas Brothel, MT (A madam of this brothel killed herself after the man she loved changed his mind and didn’t go through with their marriage).

Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast, AZ (Some women who worked here might have killed themselves).

When a structure is remodeled or changed, spirits that were attached to the structure can become more active. 

Because they love the changes, or because they hate them. 

Madrona Inn Healsburg CA (Original spectral owners are delighted in the restoration and renovation of their large home, and even told the owner their feelings).

Stokes Adobe, CA (The spirit of Mr Stokes is very unhappy that his home was turned into a restaurant and bars, so that the throngs of humanity could tramp all through and occupy the first and second floor).

Bull’s Head Inn, NY (A bar was set up in the old bedroom of temperance leader Gracie Steacy, incensing her spirit to protest, trying to scare the bartender away, etc).

Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast, AZ (When the new rooms were added in preparation for turning this property into a commercial endeavor, spirits were awakened, but seemed to approve. Members of the families who lived here and any of the attached spirits may have decided to reside or visit to keep an eye on matters).


Unknown spirits are attached to the house and have made themselves known to the living. All are very welcoming spirits.

Personal Appearances

They have appeared in front of the living in the hallways or rooms where they lived.

They may be lonely, or enjoy startling the living, or are just being friendly with guests. 

A Former Client

The spirit of the miner has appeared in detail to the living.

He is a former enthusiastic patron of the bordello who is perhaps too friendly.

Occasionally, he will rub the necks of women, stroke their hair and will make other surprising advances but he never hurts anyone; he just startles them.

Sounds and Movement

They like to move items around their old rooms, trying to help organize items, or just letting the living know that they are there.

They make themselves known to the living by making noises as well.


There have been many personal experiences in this house for years, especially during the years of this Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast.

No paranormal hard evidence has been shared with the public.


Yes Indeed!  The amount of personal experiences reported by the living strongly suggests that spirits are residing here. Spirits of the former ladies who worked here may consider this their home where they were treated with respect, given their own room to live and to satisfy their clients.

A miner who died suddenly likes to reside in a place where he has fond memories of sensual companionship.

Spirits of other former residents who loved the house also may reside here or visit as well.

Whoever they may be, they are friendly to the living, and gladly share their house with the owners and their guests.



107 West Allen Street,
Tombstone, AZ
(520) 457-2394

Tombstone Bordello Bed and Breakfast is located on the corner of West Allen Street and Haskell Street, on the west side suburb of historic downtown Tombstone, just a 10 to 20 minute walk to downtown Tombstone.





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