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Buford House

A flirty spirit who can be frisky with the ladies lives here! The spirit of a possessive grandma also resides here.

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Cafe Margarita

Spirits can be playful and move things where they like them. Some spirits love keeping an eye on the places they loved in life.

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Fox Theater

Spirits of a spectral beggar, a young girl and a former employee are among the spirits who reside here and make themselves known in startling ways.

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Hassayampa Inn

Home of a distraught spirit who suicided and is ashamed. Though still grieving, this spirit still finds ways to be entertained, like eavesdropping.

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Larian Motel

The Larian Motel is perfect for after-life vacations and spectral boarders as well.

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Monte Vista Hotel

10-13 known spirits have chosen the Monte Vista Hotel to be their place to enjoy or to work out their issues.

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