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More than six spirits still call this farm home!



The Meritt Farmhouse’s main living quarters have three rooms and a large pantry, which was later remodeled to be an indoor bathroom. The wrap-around porch was built 75% around the main farmhouse. As the children grew and desired privacy, the porch was closed in to provide more bedrooms.

The kitchen was separate from the main house to keep the heat away from the main structure. It got quite hot in the summer!

John Meritt was a clever man. The Pioneer Living History Village website explains, “John installed a carbide generator, which provided gas for lighting until the house was wired for electricity. Another improvement is located in the attic, one of the first solar water heaters found in Arizona.”

The Meritt Farmhouse is seen today the way it was during the early years of the Merritts’ home. A few other items are also on display, like the farm signage.




In the year 1910, John and Emma decided to move their family from their farm in Nevada, and better themselves by moving to Arizona. They bought a 100 acre farm that got its irrigation water from the 1885 Arizona Canal. Their two sons, Glenn and Melvin, welcomed their baby sister, Beryl, who was born on the farm in 1915. Beryl lived in this house her whole life, raising her own family here.

The Meritt family prospered on this farm; having enough water to raise crops that included cotton, corn, wheat and alfalfa. An orchard of grapefruit, orange, apricot, plum, peach, lemon, and fig trees provided fruit to eat and sell. The farm usually had forty to fifty head of cattle, and the family also raised sheep. The Meritt homestead provided the necessities for a comfortable life and enough income for a few luxuries over the years.”

Daughter Beryl lived on the family farm until 2008. She not only donated the Meritt Homestead Farmhouse, but also the farm’s water storage facility, the Water Tower, the Granary, and the Carriage House, that was eventually converted to a garage. The farm’s signage also came along.


Moving a structure and/or restoring it can reawaken the spirit or spirits who loved the place.

Levy House, NV (This huge mansion was “reoriented” 90 degrees, to the west end of their property, leaving the east end available for commercial development to solve a family squabble. Spirits attached to his house became active afterward).

Huguenot House Museum, CT (When this historic house was moved in 1971 to its special location in Martin Park, spirits who were attached to this structure came along for the ride, even offering to help the restoration workmen).

Deseret, UT ( When the Brigham Young Farm House was moved to Deseret Village and restored, Young’s 19th wife decided to reside to become the lone spectral hostess and helper).

The Meritt Farmhouse, NV (Two generations of the Merritt clan lived here. In 1969, a Merritt family descendant donated this house to the Pioneer Living History Village, where nine spirits became active once the home was settled in its new property and renovated).


Items placed inside the house may have spirits attached them because all items and antiques were brought into illustrate how they lived in their era.

Custer House, SD (Many personal items and furniture owned by the Custer Family are on display, cheering up the spectral family members and the spirits of the officers that used to visit).

Perry House Museum, PA (The Perry family lived here for five generations, leaving their furniture and personal items that are all on display for this house museum).

Moss Mansion Museum, MT (Thanks to daughter Melville Moss, the entire collection of family furniture and personal items are on display, just like the family had gone out for a walk. Spirits of family members visit and reside here).

The Meritt Farmhouse, AZ (Items and furniture placed inside the house to illustrate how the family lived life may have spirits attached to them, They could be all family spirits or spirits who were the original owners and were attached to the antiques and items).


Family trauma and loss can cause hauntings at the place where it happened. Spirits of children who die from illness or accident like to stay in places where they felt love. Their loved ones may stay with them.

The Whaley House, CA (The spirit of Violet Whaley killed herself because of upset caused by a husband who left her. Her spectral parents and the spirit of her little brother keep her company).

Old Allen House, AR (The spirit of an unhappy woman who killed herself has her spectral son who died from heart issues and the spirits of her parents visit).

Shanley Hotel, NY (Spirits who suffered emotional trauma here find themselves stuck. A spectral parents stays to be with his spirit child who drowned in the well).

The Meritt Farmhouse, AZ (Over the years, the Merritt clan may have lost young family members, and find comfort staying here with the spirits of the children).



Members of the Meritt Family: Two generations of the Meritt Family lived in this house before it was donated to the Pioneer Living History Village. There are at least nine spirits residing or visiting here!

Female Spirit’s Personal Appearances

This spectral hostess of the house is described as matronly and courteous.

She is clearly visible enough to be recognized as a woman.

She has been seen holding a baby in her arms in the small square area structure attached to the left of the main house. She was spied from the outside by staff and visitors.

Hostess to the Living

An intelligent female spirit was cordial and answered questions from Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Investigators during several of their haunted tours events.

Q: “Where are you from?” A: “Not any more!”

Q: “We have come a long way to see you.” A: “You don’t say!”

Annoyed Male Spirit

He was not so welcoming when the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Investigators came to call.

EVPs:”Go away” and “Who are they?” These point to an obviously annoyed spirit who didn’t like the uninvited presences of the investigators.

He was too busy to put up with their nonsense.

Spirit of a Boy

His disembodied voice has been heard by the living.

Staff and visitors have clearly seen his apparition looking out the house’s windows.

His voice has been caught on EVPs.

Boy: “I’m in trouble.” A: “No you are not.” Boy: “I just want to play.”

More information on the EVPS can be seen on the youtube video.

Intelligent Conversation

An EVP of a conversation perhaps was caught between the female spirit and the boy spirit.

“I thought you took it off? Just slap it off. Don’t get trapped, OK?”


For Pioneer Living History Village as a whole:

Mediums have come in and experienced spirit auras, and have described some of the spectral residents.

Staff members have had many personal experiences, especially the groundskeepers. Sometimes they are the recipients of little jokes by the spirits. At one building, all the doors closed at the same time.

Visitors occasionally see spirits going about their business.

Paranormal Investigators, mainly the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Investigators have held several tours here and have caught a lot of hard evidence, due to their abilities and investigation skills. These successful tours also are a fundraiser for the Pioneer Living History Village as tickets to the public are available. Most spirits here at Pioneer Living History Museum also find them entertaining.

Specifically for The Meritt Farmhouse:

Over several investigations, Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Investigators have talked to the same residing spirits here.

Some of their EVPs are listed above. Others can be found on the youtube video.

Spirits of Mrs. and probably Mr. Meritt, a boy and perhaps a girl spirit, plus 6 others unknown.



Yes Indeed! The Meritt clan is front and center, very comfortable to be themselves in this world in their house in a familiar environment, the Pioneer Living History Village in Phoenix.




Pioneer Living History Village in Phoenix:
The Meritt Farmhouse
3901 W Pioneer Rd,
Phoenix, Arizona 85086

Pioneer Living History village is located about 28 miles north of downtown Phoenix, AZ. There is no public transportation to this location, so you’ll have to drive. The Merritt Farmhouse is located on the far east side of the Village.


  • Julie Carr’s Interview with a staff member.
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