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Williamsburg Colonial Homes

Death from childbirth, and murder by poisoning causes hauntings… A former guest of a mental hospital has returned, doing her favorite activity!

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Colonel Michael Swope Townhouse

Disturbing graves can cause restless spirits. A grumpy master of the house still carries a grudge. Another male spirit who is terribly disappointed finds some peace inside.

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Robert E Lee Mansion

Is still the home of three little Lee children who died early in life. The spirit of their family dog apparently is here as well!

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The Henry Hill House

Losing life in war can be sudden and unexpected for everyone involved. When special places are reconstructed, spirits are pleased.

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The Stone House

Many died in this Civil War field hospital; perhaps with unfinished business. A Spirit who was in charge isn’t afraid to discipline the living slackers

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Moore House

Spirit manifestations started after the National Park Service’s restoration efforts.

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