West Point

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The hauntings experienced here caused a room to be off-limits.



In the long history of West Point Military Academy, located in upper New York State, ghosts have been spotted from time to time.



During the month of October of 1972, a total of four military cadets housed in this room saw the apparition of a soldier dressed in a 1830s cavalry uniform. The apparition seemed luminous and shimmering, sporting a handlebar-mustache and carrying a musket rifle.

The ghost materialized out of the wall and a closet in room 4714. On one occasion, a spirit form rose up from the middle of the floor. Once it ruffled the bathrobe of a cadet and on another occasion it turned on the shower.

These cadets who stayed in this room had their own weird encounters. “There is no doubt about it at all and the room grew unnaturally cold,” Cadet Captain Keith B. said. Keith B. was the upperclassman who was assigned to stay with the freshman cadets who had reported this apparition.

The hauntings continued until mid-November 1972, when the commanding officer had all the furniture removed from the room, and declared the room off-limits to the living.



Yes. The room is no longer used to house living cadets, only a ghost of a former one from the 1800s.



The Military Academy at West Point is located in New York State, near Manchester County. It may be possible to arrange a tour.

If you visit West Point, try to find the 47th Division Barracks of the 4th Regiment, which is the building that contains room 4714. Company G-4 is quartered there, and perhaps someone will help you find the way.

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