Thayer Home

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Spirits act out a range of emotions aimed at themselves and the living.



It is described as a well-kept, handsome, Federal-style house, made of white painted brick.



It originally was the home of Colonel Syvanous Thayer, who was the Superintendent in charge of the 16,000 acres of West Point Military Post & Academy, from 1817-1833.

The Thayer Home has served as the home used by the assigned Lieutenant Army General who is in charge of West Point.

In 1972, at the time of this psychic investigation, it was the home of Superintendent Nolton, and was infested with ghosts.






General Activity

Many strange happenings have occurred over the past years. Many eye witnesses had seen the sheets and blankets on the bed, in the master bedroom, being taken off by unseen hands. After the bed was remade, an unseen entity again took everything off the bed.

Apparitions have let themselves be seen by General Norton, his wife and their overnight guests. There was unexplained knocking on doors, and doors would slam shut all by themselves.

What was really embarrassing to General Norton and his wife was when one of their unseen residents, sharing space in the home, would rummage through the personal property of guests, and distribute items, ranging from wallets to jewelry, to places all over the home.

Guest’s clothes would be found to be torn from closet hangers and ripped from drawers.

Ed & Lorraine Warren Pay a Visit

West Point Authorities asked the gifted psychic demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to investigate the Thayer Home.

Upon arriving at the Thayer Home, Lorraine picked up at once the faint but unmistakable “keening” of troubled spirits buzzing in her ears, along with experiencing slight chills. She also noticed the strange play of light and shadow in the corners of the home which also was a symptom of the presences of unseen entities.

Major Dowling showed them the mysterious wet spot, which was the size of a piece of bread, on the wooden breadboard, that refused to be dried, no matter what method was tried. It had been there for many months. This was an authentic “apport,” which is an object that proves the presence of unseen entities.

Lorraine Senses a Prominent Spirit

While the first three rooms of the home, where she listened for evidence of psychic activity, proved to be quiet, the fourth room housed a prominent spirit.

While sitting in a lovely rocking chair with her eyes closed, Lorraine began to feel her heartbeat increase and have “aural sensations,” both of which are symptoms that usually come before contact with ghosts.

Lorraine then felt a gentle prodding on her arm, causing her to look up and see the image of President John Kennedy, standing beside her.

She was in the room where Kennedy stayed when he visited West Point, and she was in his rocking chair. She sensed that he was a friendly spirit, but very sad.

Spirit of Mrs. MacArthur

Just walking into the master bedroom told Lorraine that a troublesome woman spirit was present.

After examining the newer china and figurines, Lorraine received “emanations” of a very domineering, strong-willed woman. When this image of this woman stayed with her as she walked around the rest of the house, Lorraine knew that this was the spirit who stripped the beds and disturbed the guests’ belongings.

When, in a small room, Lorraine remained still for awhile, she felt the strong presence of this jealous, possessive entity. This ghost had claimed the home as her own and resented the other people living in her home.

The ghost wasn’t dangerous, just “meddlesome”. Later that evening, Lorraine, Ed and their military friends held a seance around the master bed where Lorraine saw this insecure, unpleasant woman, who was identified as Mrs. MacArthur, and successfully exorcised her from the home.

Spirit of “Greer”

As Lorraine continued to walk around the house she sensed that something violent had happened there, and some angry entity who was directly involved in this violence still roamed the hall and hid in the darkness of each “chill room”.

That evening, right before they were to leave West Point, Lorraine looked out the big front window and saw this angry entity clearly as a black man who was dressed in a turn-of-the-century uniform that had been stripped of all honors.

As the apparition stood sadly looking up at Lorraine, she asked who he was and he told her that his name was Greer, and formed a picture in her mind of a prison cell. After a sorrowful gaze, he vanished.


Yes. Presences are still making themselves felt, but in less embarrassing ways.

While Mrs. MacArthur has gone to the other side, the beds are still being rumpled up after they have been made. A ghost of a former maid, Molly, is thought to be the spirit responsible.

Lorraine later found out that Greer had killed a man, but was cleared by a military court, and given back his rank & privileges. Thus, Greer was the sorrowful, angry spirit who couldn’t forgive or accept what he had done, and thus roamed West Point, inadvertently scaring people who felt his rage he had for his own behavior. Unfortunately, Lorraine wasn’t able to help him, so he may still be there.



The Thayer Home was built in the early 19th century in the officer housing quarters on West Point Army Military Post & Academy, on the west bank of the Hudson River, about 50 miles from New York City.

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