White House Apartments

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The Spirits originally came from the former hospital.

Casualties via the Italian mob could also be stuck here.

Visitors from the funeral home next door may also like to visit!



What is now called The White House Apartments is a three story, Italianate Victorian, immense brick building which is mostly painted white, though it is in need of some major TLC and a new coat of paint. The white paint is peeling off most parts of the building, giving it a funky, run down fixer upper aura. The oldest part of the building, with the steep roof, wooden siding at the top, tall brick fireplace chimney, castle like tower (see Loudoun House/KY) whose small, once pretty wooden entryway faces South 10th Street, probably was once someone’s huge Victorian home, probably built in the late 1890s or early 1900s; before or around 1910.

It was during this period in time when the Salerno brothers actively created this Italian immigrant neighborhood, known for many years as Little Italy. The flow of Immigrants, from Italy and other Italian migrants from the East Coast coming to Omaha, began in the 1890s because of the employment opportunities offered by the Salerno’s businesses. The Salernos’ encouraged the migration of Italians/Italian Americans to Omaha, and they came, until 1924, when a more stringent Immigration Act was passed in Congress.


Sometime in its history, it was sold and was transformed into a hospital, something which was needed for this thriving Italian neighborhood. The two story brick addition was added. It looks like the bay windows in the front of the original house were taken out and replaced with regular windows. The side yard became a parking lot, and what probably was the cellar entrance, became the main entrance to the hospital, after being enlarged. Off the castle-like tower, a three story brick addition was added.

The next gig for this building was to be used as apartments. Being so close to 3 universities, it was transformed into being student housing. Currently, it is still used as off campus apartments for art students, young local art professionals, and for young people just starting up in the work force.

Despite its funky appearance on the outside, it still has a unique beauty within its walls, which is an attractive asset to those who love art. The lobby of this apartment building is described as being grand by one enthusiastic resident. This person’s report also points out that while the building is “devoid of modern conveniences” such as showers in the bathrooms;( just tubs). The rooms are small, the security is sound, the rent is very reasonable and the management is very friendly and responsive to needed maintenance repairs. The solid, early 20th century elevator still works well. The neighborhood is described as very quiet, and still ethnic Italian in nature, and within walking distance from the Historic Old Market District.



The known entity and unknown entities who call this building home could most likely originate from the private mansion era or the time when this building was a hospital.

Disease and childbirth did cause untimely death among women of this era.

Many people died from their illnesses in hospitals due to lack of today’s drugs and treatments.

The White House Apartments is located next to a funeral home. Entities afraid of going to the other side may come over to visit.

Another possibility could be that casualties from the prohibition era when Omaha’s Little Italy was a distribution center of illegal booze made by the Italian mob could be also be in residence. The black market in booze caused by the Prohibition Era was run by unruly mobsters who sometimes rubbed out their competition, killing innocent people as well was an unintended consequence.



The inside of this building has a spooky atmosphere, which adds to its character. The living know of at least one female entity who calls this place home.

An entity of a woman dressed in a white gown has been seen floating around the halls.

She has appeared in the lobby, giving the startled living who live on the first floor a welcoming smile before disappearing.

Other unobtrusive entities have been briefly seen out of the corner of the eye.


According to sources and eye witnesses, yes indeed.

Unknown entities have drifted to this building, or just stayed here after they died of their illnesses in the hospital.

Many believe that the female apparition was the result of a death in the building during the hospital era. Perhaps though, she was the original owner, because she has cordially greeted the living as if she was the hostess, lady of the house.



1240 S 10th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68108

The turn of the century Victorian White House Apartments can be found on South 10th Street, in the heart of Little Italy, only 4 minutes north of Bellevue University College of Arts & Sciences and Grace University, and 4 minutes south of Creighton University.

From the 80 – South approach – Go north on S. 13th Street. Turn right on Williams Street and turn left on South 10th Street.

From the 480 – North approach – Go south on N. 14th Street which turns into S. 14th Street a block or two from the FWY. Turn left on Williams St. and left on S. 10th Street.



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