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Formerly a private home, the spectral owner has finally made friends.



Juliano’s Restaurant building was thought to be originally built to be the old Victorian coach house of a mansion next to it. The shape certainly suggests this. In 1920, it was listed as a single FAMILY home. For many years, it was the home to Erwin E. Murray and his wife, Amy. Murray made his living as an accountant.

After they both passed over, a few other owners made this house their family home. In 1995, it was again on the real estate market, and was bought to become a commercial property, by Chef Carl Kurokawa and two other partners, who opened up a restaurant.

They renovated the inside of the house, changing it from a private home to a public restaurant, yet they kept the old world decor.

The upstairs bedrooms were converted to “restaurant seating,” and the antique bathtub found in the ladies room was transformed into a table by a slab of marble on top, where a vase of flowers adds to the vintage decor.

The outside property, including the side yard, the Gazebo and the back patio were transformed into lovely eating areas as well.



Sometimes when a beloved home is turned into a commercial enterprise, the past owners who are in spirit form often are supportive. Others don’t always approve, or on occasion get annoyed with all the people coming into their home.

Renovations on a home can act like an environmental trigger, activating spirits who are concerned about the work being done, and insist in supervising. Some folks don’t like changes; whether they are alive or are out-of-body spirit people, and think that the living need to be watched carefully.



Male Entity of perhaps Ernest Murray

Dresses in early 20th century attire.

No one has seen a clear picture of this entity’s face, though they know it is a male.

The former owner of the house warned Chef Carl Kurokawa, about a male spirit, whom she called Murray.

She noticed that Murray likes to stay in the closet of his old second floor bedroom. When the closet opens, paranormal activity increases. This is still true today.

Ernest’s Presence

During renovations, this male spirit Murray became active, and the closet door was found open often.

Chef Carl Kurokawa went to check on the compressors, that were running on the second floor. As he passed Murray’s old bed room, he peeked inside, and saw that the door to the closet that he had carefully and firmly shut earlier, was wide open!

Workmen would feel a strong, unseen presence walk up behind them, and watch intently what they were doing. When they turned around, no one living was there.

Tools would be moved in just an instant of non-attention.

A male apparition figure was seen standing on the stairs, watching them.

A security guard saw a white light shining from Murray’s old bedroom. When he went in and investigated, the light was gone and no one living was there.

Post-Renovation Activity

Chef Carl Kurokawa, his staff and his guests continue to experience this male entity, who at first didn’t like having a restaurant in his house, but has since warmed up to it, and helps by watching the staff, and on occasion, visits dining guests.

He has made himself known in quiet ways with Chef Carl Kurokawa.

Chef Carl Kurokawa has seen a gentleman dressed in 20th century era clothing looking at him out the window when Chef Carl was standing outside, on the driveway.

After Karen and her friend did some investigating up in Murray’s room, they came down for dinner in the dining room, and had a rather cordial visit experience with this male entity, who visited them at their table.



Probably so.

Though no hard evidence has been published, the former owner, the staff, Chef Carl and even some guests have had some strong experiences that truly exist that a male spirit is a silent partner in the restaurant!

For information for her story, Karen Stevens and another investigator friend visited Murray’s old bedroom. They found that the door fit snugly on the closet, there was no warped floor, and the door was hard to open.

Afterwards, she and her friend sat at a dining room table, in a corner near the kitchen door.

Suddenly, an unseen presence created “a pillar of cold air” right by their table. After some investigation, the cold air was the size of a human body. It suddenly dissipated as quickly as I came.



2912 7th Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101

(406) 248-6400

Juliano’s Restaurant can be found near the corner of 7th Avenue North and North 27th Avenue.


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