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Someone’s inability to handle life resulted in a haunting.

Other spirits were shaken awake by the activities of the living.



tree-paranormalThe Double Tree Hotel is a fifteen-story, upscale yet reasonably priced Convention Hotel with 375 rooms for guests. It offers a variety of services for the community and for travelers in the city of Spokane.

On the 15th floor is a place called the Gold Room. Other rooms for receptions and special events are located on the first floor. Business meeting facilities are found on the third floor. The main lobby has dining facilities. Breakfast is offered in Shutter’s Cafe, where the guest can get cooked-to-order dishes, a 25-item buffet, and a full-service espresso bar. It is also open for lunch. Lunch and dinner are served in Spencer’s, which specializes in prime aged beef, fresh seafood, and “Naughty Cake.”

The guest rooms are described as being well decorated with dark-wood furnishings and patterned fabrics. Rooms offer spectacular views of the city of Spokane. The price starts at $75 and up. Children 17 and under who stay with their parents are free!



SpokaneNot much could be found about the history of this hotel, or what was located on the land before the hotel was built.

Around Halloween 1998, it is said that a businessman staying in the hotel killed himself on the 15th floor.

Others think that activities at a Halloween Party shook some entities awake.

No one knows for sure who is haunting the hotel, as no psychic research/paranormal investigations have been done.





General Activity

People have seen shadowy apparitions/unexplained noises on the 15th floor.

Shadowy apparitions are seen elsewhere in the hotel as well.


It appears to be.

Guests continue to report manifestations.



322 North Spokane Falls Court
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 455-9600

Double Tree Hotel is located downtown next to the convention center, beside the city’s popular Riverfront Park. The Spokane Opera House and Spokane Convention Center are less than a block away from the hotel.



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