McLoughlin House and Barclay House

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Moving graves have caused reawakening of former owners.

Quite a houseful of spirits are present, including 3 spectral neighbors.

Patients who died are active; perhaps wanting a refund!





Both houses are part of a National Historic Site and Museum, and are next store to each other in an Oregon City park, on top of a big hill. Both houses share ghosts, that go back and forth between houses.

McLoughlin House – This large, two story white mansion, was built in 1845, by Dr. John McLoughlin, a Canadian physician turned CEO of The Hudson Bay Company. The good doctor was a driving force in the industrial development of the Willamette Valley. He founded the town of Oregon City in 1842. Dr. John was a caring and very generous man, serving as the town’s doctor, mayor and investor. He often hosted travelers going through town in his own mansion. After he retired, he stopped seeing regular patients, but he still took charity cases. This man was 6 feet, 5 inches tall, and was married to a half Cree, half Swiss woman, Marguerite. He suffered a set back when the U.S. Congress took away his holdings because he was still a Canadian citizen, which made him bitter and somewhat broken in spirit.

When he died Sept. 3rd, 1857, his daughter sold the mansion, and it became an elegant hotel. Later it was bought by the owner of a woolen mill, and was used to house Chinese workers, until 1886, when all Chinese were run out of town. A Brothel then moved into this grand place. Finally it became an apartment, which eventually was abandoned to the vagrants. The mansion was saved in 1909, and moved to its present location, to be a museum. It is the oldest museum in Oregon.



At the original location, Mr. & Mrs. McLoughlin were buried next to the mansion. In the 1970s, their bodies were moved and buried again between the two mansions, at its new location. The ghostly hauntings started after their graves were transferred.



Reported Manifestations: McLoughlin House

Quite a houseful of spirits are present, with three who like to visit from next door from the Barclay House. As the McLoughlins were hospitable while living, why wouldn’t they be now??

Spirit of Dr. John McLoughlin

One staff person, as she entered the front door, heard someone vacuuming upstairs, as she saw a tall shadow come down the stairs, making heavy footsteps as it came. It swept around the corner, from the bottom of the staircase, into the dining room, where pleasant harpsichord music was playing. The shadow had to duck to enter the dining room.

A psychic spotted Dr. John sitting on the bed in his room.

Various people have seen his bedroom rocking chair moving all by itself, like someone was using it.

People have seen a tall shadow going up the staircase, traveling down the hall, and bending a little to get in the Doctor’s room, hearing the corresponding footsteps as well.

A good-sized, gold framed oil painting of Dr. John hangs on the wall above the downstairs fireplace. Once a year, on the morning of Sept. 3rd, when the sun hits the gold frame, the oval part of the Face of Dr. John glows eerily. This has happened for years.

Spirit of Marguerite McLoughlin

A woman apparition has been spotted by many people looking out the southeast second floor window.

Marguerite smoked pipe tobacco. While working in an upstairs bedroom, a staff person suddenly smelled pipe tobacco. As she went about her business, the smell followed her around as she worked. She theorized that Marguerite was following her around, making sure she did a good job, or perhaps just wanted to watch.

While cleaning up a mess with a vacuum cleaner in an upstairs bedroom, someone tapped her on the shoulder three times. Thinking it was the other woman staff member, she turned around to see what was wanted, but no one was there!

Other Ghosts Hanging Around

In the parlor, a murder was committed, probably during either the brothel or vagrant era, but it is also the place where Dr. John died.

A psychic found it hard to enter the parlor, breaking into a cold sweat. The time he was able to get in the parlor, he was in constant motion, feeling something really uncomfortable, and foreboding.

Some people came in for a tour, but had to stop abruptly a few feet into the mansion, feeling like they had been hit with something real unpleasant.

A crystal, that decorated the candlestick, started to dance by itself.

When they went upstairs, one of the men felt his throat closing in, like someone was trying to choke him, and found that he was being drawn toward the banister. They left quickly.

A lady apparition dressed in a beautiful period gown was seen going up the steps by several visitors. A group of Chinese apparitions were seen by a psychic, huddled in terror in one of the rooms, that is now set up like an office.

A protective spirit of a Native American servant of the McLoughlins has been sensed by a psychic. Perhaps the smell of coffee is attached to him.

In the small room that was Dr. McLoughlin’s doctor office, psychic people pick up a very “disturbing aura,” that encourages a fast exit. One psychic sensed that someone had died there, after an amputation.

Unexplained Activity

Other unexplained occurrences such as disappearing, reappearing money from the cash register, knocking on the walls have befuddled the living.

One staff member lost a special button off her dress up in one of the bedrooms. Later, she saw it rolling toward her downstairs, much to her surprise.

Also, the part -time bookkeeper had to do his work outside, because his adding machine wouldn’t work inside.

Displays that are out of reach of visitors, have been rearranged, after being seen in their correct display position.

The china tea set is a favorite of some unseen entity.


Reported Manifestations: Barclay House


The Barclay House – was built by Dr. Forbes Barclay in 1849, in Oregon City.

Psychics have sensed/seen the presence of:

  • Dr. Barclay himself
  • a woman
  • Dr. Barclay’s brother, known as Uncle Sandy
  • and a red-haired little boy and his dog.

It is theorized that the little boy died at the Barclay’s house.

The following ghosts have been witnessed in both houses.


Spirits of a Red-haired boy and his dog

The most frequent visitors to The McLoughlin Mansion seem to be the little red-headed boy, perhaps 6-8 years old, and his dog, that leaves muddy dog foot prints in both of the mansions. The little boy looks real and alive, and is full of mischief. He likes to take things and hide them. He once took a pair of clippers, and hid them in a box of books upstairs.

He has been seen clearly by others. One family was taking a tour of the upstairs, when one of their boys saw a red-headed boy playing around downstairs by himself. When he pointed the kid out to the staff guide, the boy disappeared.

The police were called when a little red-headed boy was seen inside the locked mansion. When they went in to investigate, the boy was gone.

In the office off the dining room, muddy dog foot prints were found all over the room, on several occasions. There was a friendly live dog that would come visit with its owner, but the dog would not enter that office room; just stand there and bark.

Spirit of a Woman

The woman sensed/seen in the Barclay House is thought to come visit the McLoughlin Mansion.

It is thought it might be her that was spotted climbing the steps in a beautiful gown, like a lady.


Yes. Both houses are still haunted.



713 Center Street
Oregon City, OR 97045

McLoughlin House and Barclay House are located at the southern outskirts of Oregon City.


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